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sew katie did

I always love the colors you pick.


Knitting has been my craft of choice lately--though you have been way more productive than I have!


that red scarf follows such a pretty pattern! lovely.


!!! So many fun projects! I'm partial to the hat, of course, but everything looks so fun!


You are the Queen of Knit - what gorgeous projects - sooooooo yummy!


everything looks fantastic!
love how your scarf turned out and i really like that wrenna pattern.

you got some awesome things at the craft fair - that yarn is beyond gorgeous, i want to reach into the computer and touch it! (and yes, love that wool smell!!)


That hand spun yarn is just gorgeous, and I can't wait to see how it knits up! You have been very busy knitting away, lots of great projects.


wow! you've really got a lot going on over there! i love how your red scarf project scarf turned out- lovely pattern! i totally understand how nice it is to switch things up every now and again and get out the bamboo straight needles. i'm super impressed by your colorwork on the hat- it looks great! i am still very intimidated by such things. you are a brave and talented soul.


Your knitting is beautiful and your photographs of your knitting are very inspiring. That new handspun yarn looks like the same colors as the Heather Ross Mendocino fabric in aqua that I love so much.


I am loving all the wooly goodness in this post! The red scarf turned out so pretty. I will have to check out that yarn...

Too bad about the Big Montana Tunic, it is such a cute pattern. I like how your hat is coming along, I hope to try my hand at fair isle soon.

finger thumb

Oh, thats funny, I just posted yesterday about my tendency to not finish things.
I love what you are getting finished though. Sweet scarf. And I really like those screen prints you bought. lovely.


after see your pictures i want learn how knit...! i love your hand spun yarn... those colors are really beautiful!


wow! and people ask me if I sleep. you definitely must not. :)


Oh, hand spun yarn, that looks amazing! I love the red scarf. How was that patten, easy enough for me (the girl who loves to knit basically just dishcloths)? Too bad about the tunic. I like how it was turning out.

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