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Oh, I'd really like to - particularly because the top two books are also languishing in my library. But, I've got a quilt I have to get done by Christmas (and I machine piece but hand quilt) so it will be awhile before I can join in here.


I own most of these books. :) I made the doll featured on the cover of Stitched in Time and that's it. Sounds like a good idea for a challenge...I would definitely consider one after the holidays.

I was slightly put off wiht the instructions in "Last Minute ..." I'm very visual and like to see line drawings of quilt block construction and also thought the cutting instructions were strange.


Oh, I have a couple of those books...currently stored in a moving box for a while... This is a great idea, I will join in when I get my crafty life back in order :)


ooooh! i think this is a wonderful idea!
count me in for the post-holiday start time!

now to go back and leaf through my books and decide what i want to do! fun!

(and thanks for sharing the marie claire idees! such inspiring pictures!)


I have been wanting to do something like that for a loooong time so I'm definitely in - I have so many books - it's ridiculous!


I adore Marie Claire Idees!
Exquisite eye candy and it challenges my rarely used French skills. Although I have to have a native speaker truly translate the project instructions--the last project can out a bit wonky!


Great idea! Count me in!!! I also have the first three books, and have made a few things from each... well only 1 from Material Obsessions. There are still many more books on my shelves and many more projects I want to make in those 3 books! I hope you'll remind us all again in January, I'm sure I'll forget all about this fantastic idea by then. :)


sounds great! and one more perfect incentive to get through the christmas sweatshop!


I'd be keen for January for sure! I'm always desperate to buy a book NOW and never use them. So embarrassing really.


I think this is a great idea! Count me in. Also, it could be a useful way to take care of some Christmas presents in the mean time. :)


yummy magazine! i'm in if it's in January. well, maybe. i shouldn't commit myself at this point, but i'm at least 24% in.


What a lovely magazine! I'm up for this challenge - the fact that it starts in January is a plus, lol.

Cascade Lily

LOL - I just posted about my habit of buying craft books (and fabric to match) and then putting them in the cupboard and forgetting about them! Several of the books you posted are in said cupboard :)

So, count me in.

(And yes, you are very lucky to have bought that mag in gay Pareeeee!)


great magazine!! you have a great idea! I also like that kind of books and also have some magazines too and I've only done a couple of projects, the rest only helped me to dream about make things... so please count me in!!


marie claire idees is so gorgeous - it makes me wish I was French!!!

I am up for a january start for a new challenge!!!


yes for a challenge!
and i must say, european magazines... swoon.


That magazine is always so inspiring! I have only seen it online on blogs when people scan pages, but it's so pretty!

I have 3 out of those 4 books. Feeling guilty already.


I have made the tote bag out of that Heather Ross book, but I love the idea of a challenge! I can think of at least two books on my shelf that have not been used yet.

finger thumb

Oh, that is a good idea for a challenge, and I'm up for January. I have quite a number of those books, and tons of magazines full of lovely ideas. I call it my craft porn. You know, because its just for looking at, nobody actually does those things ;)

Amy  Seven-Stitches

Hey I love that idea. There are so many things already queuing up for just after the holidays, but I will make this one take priority. Do we buddied up with a support person? I think I may need some encouraging to stop dreaming and get it done.


I'm certainly game for that challenge!


My sister is getting the bird ornaments from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts for her birthday this year (Dec6). I've got the pieces cut and pressed already. I only wish I had more time for more books and projects.

I'd be game for a challenge in January...


'i picked it up in paris'...what a lovely phrase! i have so many books with little tabs marking projects i'd love to try.


that looks like a great magazine. and how fun that you were able to pick it up in paris. ah....

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