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Love these both! I really like the scarf, and I love that you modified it to work, it looks fantastic! So inspiring i might have to branch out from all the dishcloths and try something else.


I love the hat so much! So many hats are boring on top and this one has so much interest that it really catches your eye. The scarf is fantastic, too.


Both are great! I might need to knit that hat it looks so fun.


That is one cool-looking hat - it looks so complicated! Love the scarf too - and the colors of both!


oh my - i want to come to your house and steal all your new fo's! i'll also need to steal your red door since you look completely stunning in front of it!

Cascade Lily

Okay, so I can't knit, but that purple hat is almost enough to make me want to. Almost :) It looks FABULOUS!


oh, that scarf is gorgeous!!!!

I just saw the green quilt top, and I have to say, I'm with Jon - he should guard it to make sure you don't give it away!!!!


I love, love, love that hat! It looks wonderful. Your knitting genius really shines with the baktus too - your solution is great. Projects are always more endearing when you learn something along the way.


I love that hat! It looks great on you, too!


love how structured that hat is! and a great color too!

finger thumb

oooh, fantastic hat! I'm going to have to put that one on my to-do list. I also need a scarf, but probably would not have the time/patience/scale to weigh the yarn either ;)

sew katie did

I love both of the colors for these! The twist in the hat is great too. Someday I'll learn to knit.


Awesome hat! It completely puzzles me on how exactly it was made, which makes it even cooler. :)


ooh these are gorgeous! i've been tempted to make that hat for myself for a while now- yours is so cool! love your color choices (as always)!


That hat is so cool! So unique! I love the color yarn you picked for your scarf, so pretty.


ohhhh!!! both are beautiful, but that hat is so special, just amazing!!! i love the colors!


Great colors for both!


both look fabulous on you!


Yes, the colours on the hat photo are fantastic together. I would love a red door sometime!

Rima Aranha

Nice scarf! And the hat--some friends tried making the hat, but it didnt come out as good as yours. They felt there was something "strange" in its construction. Glad you liked it.

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