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Your cats are beautiful and so is that quilt! Have you seen the blog "365 Days of Freemotion Quilting"? She has started giving some quilting ideas for the whole quilt and they are really interesting looking.


That is sweet of Jon but you'll have to remind him that some can be gifted or you'll end up with a room full of quilts one day!
Your cats are beyond adorable, NukuNuku has THE sweetest face. And I am so adding cat pillows to my to do list. If only so I end up with a spot on the sofa for myself next winter.


Love this quilt! The colors are so rich and that is one of my favorite collections. Your cats are so beautiful too. I totally know what you mean about the gray sofa and light colored cat hair. Our front living room has gray sofas and our one pug is tan, he makes a wonderful mess on those sofas. We can't win though, in our t.v. room the sofa is tan, which works for that pug, but then there is our black pug and he makes that couch a mess. Can't win! :)


when you showed the preview triangles a while back, I think my reaction was something like, "kelly green? really?" but of course it turned out rad - a great innovative color combination. you have vision.


That quilt is fantastic - love the pics of your kitties too! I wouldn't let you give that quilt away either, lol.


I've been thinking of making my younger cat a little bed... her older sister has one and she doesn't. Poor Izzy.

And I just love that quilt... don't blame Jon for being protective! If it were me, I'd probably just do a criss-cross grid pattern.


i think jon is right, you shouldn't give that quilt away!

love the kitties new pillows too.


i've made some pillow-type/blankets for my cat. while they are works in progress, she cannot get enough of them. sitting on them, hiding under them. the moment they are actually finished, she loses ALL interest in them.
typical cat!


I love the cat pillows. Our cats move from place to place. The only consistent place they always sleep is on the back of the couch. The quilt is looking good, too. Love that fabric!


beautiful!!!! i want to try that desing! by the way, one of your cats (the white/orange one) looks like twin of my brother cat (cilantro)...


Have you ever checked out the "Line Dancing" book (or something like it)?

I just quilted a lap quilt for my husband using her approach and it was fun. I don't have a longarm or anything - I did it on my regular machine. Some of the techniques, like leafy vines or something - would work really well on that quilt.


i need to make a second bed for bruno for when i'm working in the studio...he hates those hard floors. maybe i can find a blanket that will work for him. love this quilt. the green is stunning!

finger thumb

That quilt looks AWESOME. I love that 'around the world' syle. It looks very satisfying to make.

Rima Aranha

The green is just beautiful! Suketu says that the baby looks great in green--so I think green is my new favorite color!


that quilt is amazing! love the colors! i can see why jon doesn't want to let it go. your kitties are very lucky ducks too with those wonderful pillows!


Cats do enjoy texture and luxury, don't they? My most recent quilt has been commandeered by my cat and I'm thinking I'll have to make a little one for him to put over it so I'm not spending the next thirty years peeling the hair from it. Maybe I'll back it with a towel. :-)

Your green quilt is fabulous.


Love this quilt top! It is so striking that green is perfect with the prints you are using! Can't wait to see it finished!


Your cats are so cute! I love this quilt, I really like the green. Such a fun pattern!


I always love seeing your quilts - they're all gorgeous. I don't blame Jon for wanting to keep that one :)


I love the green quilt, it's lovely!

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