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Really love the nine patch quilt! Haha jet lag's also the only reason I wake early! I'm not a morning person whatsoever, but there's something to be said about waking early huh hehe


Ooh forgot to say that Target's got flat sheets for $11.99 (queen) and $14.99 (king)... pretty comparable to Ikea.


I love those green triangles and I know I'm gonna flip once they become a quilt! Squee!


i love your nine patch!! i need finish mine!! maybe i'll join in Jacquie challenge too!


That nine patch is great! I do have a couple of half finished quilts as well...daylight savings time was great for an extra hour of creativity--it always seems like a little gift!


I love the nine patch. It turned out fantastic! I think that is the next pattern I'll be making for a wedding present for my BIL who is getting married. I thought about signing up for the joy in the new year, then got super scared at the thought of counting up my UFO's. I guess it is better to finish one than none at all. I think I'll go count them. I'm sure I have twice as many as you, so wish me luck ;-)


I saw Joy in the new year challenge and keep think I should hop on. I have a few things here that I would love to see finished and more fun with a challenge, right!?!


By the way, love the quilt top, looks like all those little squares took forever, but soooooo worth it!


I am just now finishing up my nine patch, too!


That quilt looks great - I love how you did the border. I'm not a morning person either, guess I need to travel to get on an earlier schedule, lol! That's a lot of triangles...


your nine patch is amazing, i love it!!


Which IKEA sheets do you like to use? I've usually shied away from using sheets, because the weave is so tight.


Wow, 14 that you are going to finish! That is awesome! I signed up for 13 and if I get them all done I will be amazed. I figured that I may as well dream big.

Your 9 patch looks great. So colorful. I can't wait to see your quilt all made up with the triangles. Pretty pattern.

Cascade Lily

Your 9p quilt is gorgeous. Something so pleasing about such a simple design and such beautiful colours. Lovely!


the quilt is amazing...i love the border and the colors...just lovely! i enjoyed reading all about your trip. what a fab time you had!

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