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That looks so great - and what a good idea about a yearly book!


that looks so great! Maybe that's what I'll do with the bazillion photos we ended up with from Alaska!


Cool! I like the idea of working in InDesign too. We have so many pre-digital and post-digital photos floating around. It sure would be nice to have them all together in one place. I love the idea your friend uses. I think I'm going to have to look into that! Thanks for the review on Blurb.

Amy Hodge

Love this!


Thank you so much for writing a review about Blurb. I've ordered a book through Apple's Aperture that turned out great and one through Shutterfly that I wasn't so thrilled with. Yours looks great. The different colors for each city is a fantastic idea.


Your book looks awesome. I love the layout. I've used Shutterfly, perhaps I'll give Blurb a try, also.

Cascade Lily

Fantastic! I like your friend's idea too. I want to do a couple of Blurb books, but just don't have the time, so doing it 'as I go' really appeals. And duh, why didn't I think of that myself? Now you've spurred me on, I might just get that wedding book done (it's only been nearly six years!!)


What a beautiful book! I love that you color coded the cities.

I use blurb with our family blog every year and love it. I take the photos and text yearly from Jan 1 to Dec 31 and publish them as a family blog book. Blurb is great for desktop publishing and I've always been happy with the quality. One of the best parts is that I can compile it anytime (last year I didn't get around to the 2008 book until April). I love having a little summary of our year at my fingertips and on our bookshelf.

I haven't done one for my knitting, but maybe one day I'll have to make a FO book. I wonder if I can slurp my content from ravelry?


I've used blurb once so far to turn my blog into a book. It's so easy because it will slurp all the posts and photos right over to blurb and then you just have to arrange it. I did have to copy and paste my comments because they didn't transfer. It made such a beautiful book and I plan to do it once a year (my husband gets this for me for my birthday). It's such a great book for all my projects and it doubles as a baby book for my son, since I started my blog when he was 3 mths old. Your book turned out beautifully! Love how you color coded the different places you traveled. :)


That's such a great idea! Holiday pictures always get lost in the recesses of my computer. And I do like the idea of a yearly record in pictures too.


thanks for the tips... and this genius idea! i need to make something like this for my trip to india from last year...


that is a very great idea! mi cousing en Colorado did the same thing for her wedding pictures... i dont know if we have these service here.. i hope so...


The book looks wonderful! I was thinking of making a book for Melody's first year. Your friend is so smart. A little at time is so much easier than all at once. Maybe that's why I haven't done it yet.


Great tips -thanks!

And your photos look amazing - awesome layout!


This is AMAZING. I am SO impressed. Something like this just may get me into scrapbooking, lol - so much easier! I would dearly love to do books like this for my boys.


oh man that book is awesome!! i love the color coding, it just looks fantastic!
now i want to abandon all my other plans for the day and make photobooks so i can be just like you!


Your book looks fantastic. Blurb is my idea of scrapbooking. I've been thinking about making a book myself, trying to decide between Apple, Shutterfly, and Blurb. There are too many options. I didn't know that blurb had an In Design template. That definitely sways my opinion. I'm all about having control over my design.


Super idea! And thanks for the money saving tips :) this will be a nice memory!


I'm making a blurb book now, so thanks for the tips! Your book looks amazing.


I've always wanted to make up a blurb book--thanks for the inspiration and suggestions. I love the idea of a yearly book-I might try that for 2010 (is it really so soon?!?) Have a great Thanksgiving!


what a great idea to make a blurb book to commemerate your trip. i love how you color coded things. it's wonderful!


what a brilliant idea! it's gorgeous!


How'd I miss this one? love the blurb book...great idea!

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