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this is possibly THE cutest town i've ever seen!


Amazing architecture! The cuckoo clocks are gorgeous... my grandparents brought us one from Germany years ago, and I never realised it but it's disappeared from my parents' home. I really hope Mum didn't throw it out!! (She's known for that!)

Jane Weston

What an amazing place! Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

Cascade Lily

Gack! Okay, so I NEED to go there too now :) Gorgeous photos. Thanks! (Sorry about the spitty, leaky guy - there's always one!)


I so want to go there now!!! What a darling town. I'd LOVE to live there. Too bad about the leaky guy *shudder*!


Your photographs of your trip have been fantastic! How did you manage to get any in the Kathe Wohlfarht store? When we tried, our camera was close to being confiscated!


beautiful! such the picturesque town.
i love all the teal shutters with red flowers.

the train station story is too much! so glad you're able to laugh at it now, *and* that you didn't catch the swine flu from the drippy gentleman!


Okay, so far this is my favorite place you've been. What a cute city!


I think I need to move there immediately. Okay, maybe just visit. But I still want to do it immediately.


So absolutely beautiful! It's making me rethink my position on airplanes over large bodies of water!

Paige Evans

Oooooh these pictures REALLY make me want to live in Germany now! Thanks for the link!

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