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Oooo... I love lentil soup and spinach in it too, YUM! I'm hoping to make lots of soup this winter, I may just add this one to the list. Thanks for sharing.

sarah C

my sil just asked for lentil slow cooker perfect to come across this recipe!


hey! i have that cookbook too and i absolutely love it!

i've never tried this one though - i'll have to give it a shot!


Interesting... I will have to check that book out. I'm always up for a hearty soup recipe.

Judy @ daily yarns

This one sounds good and I think it looks good too.


Oh my, this one looks delicious! Better yet to cook it in the slow cooker! I will definitely be trying this one... yum!


Sounds yummy! I just love soup.


This soup looks really good. And so does that cookbook! Thanks!


Vegetarian + slow cooker sounds like a winner to me! I will certainly try out this recipe! Thanks for sharing!


That is a spectacular quilt!! Love the quilting.


this recipe looks yummy, we are big lentil eaters in our home. thanks!

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