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i know what you mean! i've cut back in the past few years but in high school and college, boy oh boy, did i have a lot of pens!


Wow, I didn't realize how bad my addiction was, until I saw the first photo, and my eyes got very big and well...I want all those pretty markers!


I adore your monogram! Hmmm... What a great way to use my old and bring out the new. (I have about four boxes of colored pencils waiting for the day I let myself introduce them to Mr. Sharpener.)


How fun is that r!? My mother has a thing for pens - always has. We always had extra pens in our house growing up because she always brought them home.


Ha! Does this mean we can all come out of the closet? I started collecting tilt pens years ago and I have over 200. I love the "r" art.


love that first picture!
i have a love for pens as well, especially sharpies. i love the rainbow of sharpies the most.


I have a feeling that the reason I often stall out of inspiration for writing at the computer is the inherent association of creativity with the marvelous tactile pleasure of writing with a pencil or pen. I'm also very particular about my implements... When the BackToSchool stuff comes out every year, I start to drool wondering what new supply goodies await!


Sharpies are my favorite writing utensil. Doesn't matter if they are super fat or ultra fine, I love them all. The post came up in my reader today and it is very timely. She makes some great art out of these materials:

Enjoy! =]


Cute addiction. ;) My husband recently bought a rainbow set of ultra fine Sharpies, and I secretly covet them.


Finally-someone else who feels the same way about pens and markers and pencils! Beautiful!


I love love drawing tools - any shape size or color! I like that 'r' made out of pencils a LOT.


Maybe this is an addiction that I need to pick up. I can never find a pencil at my house when I need it. Or a pen that writes WELL. drives me crazy. Or scissors in whatever room I'm in when I need them. Maybe I'll develop a scissors addiction. They come in so many yummy colors these days.


It makes me glad I'm not the only one who "collects" pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, dryerase markers, etc., etc.


i asked my husband to buy me a couple of mechanical pencils today and her came home with these boring grey, clear things!? ugh! blah! doesn't call to me at all! i didn't say anything but there is more to the pencil then using it to write! love your shadow box! that is cool!


oh my goodness- we are writing instrument soul sisters!


i love these photos. i have a pen collection, too. and sharpies!


What great photos and what a great addiction. I love it.


I love the R made with pencils! Did you make that?

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