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What a great birthday trip! I grew up around you somewhere. I stumbled across your blog one day through looking at pictures of your quilts. That dam looks awfully familiar, but I am sure there are many dams on the Huron River. In the summer my mom and I would get ice cream at Dairy Queen and walk down to the river and what the animals and eat our ice cream. The pictures reminded me of that. Thanks for sharing them and happy birthday, Jon! =]


Fun! Happy Birthday to Jon! That paddling can be quite a treacherous thing - hubby and I had a double kayak in Florida and our paddling was not in sync. Yes, we went over into the crocodile infested waters. We don't say it out loud - but both of us blame the other's terrible paddling skills. lol


what a great day you had!! happy birthday to Jon!!!


happy birthday jon! what a fun way to celebrate!


I happily acknowledge that I paddle willy nilly and Risto corrects the path we take.
What a gorgeous day!!


That's too funny about you and your friend not paddling in the same direction. This is why we have significant others who mesh well with us so we have paddling buddies! My husband and I have a double kayak, but we haven't been out since before I had our son. Your photos are beautiful and really make me want to get back out there! Hope Jon had a great birthday!!


Looks like a perfect day to me. Happy Birthday John!


That is hilarious! I went on this all women canoe and camping trip this summer and it was probably the last time I will canoe for a quite some time. It is not much fun to flip into 50 degree water about an hour into a 6-hour trip, just before freezing cold rain and grey skies. Canoe trips:: friend makers :: friend breakers.


looks like a perfect day!


i'd be afraid to take my camera on a canoe trip like that. it looks like you had a beautiful time!


I had a similar trip with a bunch of my friends only it was in the white water rapids...let's just say they had to use the safety rope on us and they hadn't used it in 20 years! We don't raft anymore. I'm glad you and Jon and a great time-it was a beautiful day!


That sounds like a lovely time. I went canoeing in Florida once and it was quite a workout. Especially since my friend barely paddled and I was the one doing all the work in the front.

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