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looks like you found your inspiration! this is a really lovely quilt. really, really lovely. as in, i-might-be-jealous-of- your-quilt-when-it's-done-and-have-to-make-myself-one-lovely. will you share any tips you learn while making it?


that will be a beautiful quilt! i am sure you will recreate it wonderfully.

i'd highly recommend the fabric shack. i have always had really great service from them and you can't beat their prices for kona cotton solids! only $3.99/yard!


I'm starting to feel like a stalker! I love and want to copy everything you do, Rebecca! It is getting ridiculous!


LOL poor suffering Jon. It looks very similar to your plain spoken quilt (I think thats the name?) only with MUCH smaller stripes. I like it, I can't wait to see yours.


What a great quilt. I'm going to make a solid quilt! You keep inspiring me.

I've always had great luck with FabricShack - and they do have pretty good prices. What's really great about them is their selection - other people can be out of fabric, and a lot of times they still have some.


Oh wow! I love that quilt too :)


Looks like a good project - I have trouble buying things like quilts or bags now, under the logic I could make them myself.

I love Fabric Shack - I just ordered a stack of things from them. They have low cost Kona, but also many older and discontinued fabrics (often cheap), some Japanese prints, and you can order as little as an eighth of a yard.


that quilt is lovely! can't wait to see your version!


I love this quilt. I think you should make the pillow shams as well.


I've got a *mostly* solid quilt in mind as well! I have a stack of 1/2 cuts of Amy Butler solids... 11 of them to be exact. I need to find the perfect scraps of coordinating AB prints to scatter about, just for the fun of it! I LOVE this PB quilt above... but way better idea to make your own... can't wait to see how it looks!


will look fantastic and is so the colors that you like!


Great inspiration piece. Can't wait to see the one you make. Love all the colors, very happy!


When I saw that I thought you made it! It looks absolutely like something you'd make. My husband's given up when it comes to quilts for our bed... he just nods and smiles now lol!


of course you need more quilts...


Nice! I like the deep colors and it doesn't look too difficult to construct. Funny, but I was in C&B about a week ago looking at furniture but then I wandered over to the bedding section and was admiring this quilt:$sharelarge$

I was thinking of making it with precut rolls like bali pops.


is a great proyect! great desing! and always is better do it then buy it!


Gorgeous - I love the other one you did and this will be amazing!


That's fabulous - and yes, you ALWAYS need another quilt for the bed, lol!


aww, a girl can never have too many quilts, or shoes, or clothes, or......


Completely re-creatable. I can't wait to see how you interpret the quilt! I'm sure it will be perfect and finished right in time for that cold weather...


oh, dear. i think i must make one of those, too. it's delicious!!!

Amy - parkcitygirl

my first though was "uh-un, she did not" Great piece of inspiration! the colors are so YOU :)


What a great quilt. I'm going to make a solid quilt! You keep inspiring me.


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