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Love the use of solids!
Thanks for sharing,


ooooh. that is gorgeous! I love solids too. (Thanks for your comments too.)


I have always loved this pattern! I have the measurements and I've been hoping to work on my own version (yellow, cream, and light pinks) this winter!


What do you think it means that both of your fav quilts are solids?? But who cares what it means, I adore this quilt! One of these days, I will be copying you! ;)


you have such a gift for color. you always pick the absolute perfect color schemes. i wish i could borrow your brain sometimes!
gorgeous gorgeous work!


such a happy quilt!
So I just started delving into this myself. it is a scary scary world ;)


loved the color combination. Great Job.

Amy Hodge

I adore the colors of this one. Great choice!


Lovely quilt! I am also in love with your "plain spoken" quilt from the spring festival. And your diagonal striped blanket with you and your loved one, is a dream - so lovely. There is a special charm about those solids...

; )

Thank yo for your nice visit!


I love this quilt, especially how the backing matches the front colors so perfectly. And I don't even get me started on your seams. Perfection.


Oh yes, I still like that quilt.


Very lovely. Perfect for snuggling under


Very striking quilt! Love the cross hatching and the detailed instructions - thank you. - Marlene


gorgeous gorgeous!
i love how the backing and binding fabrics coordinate so well.
love it!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt AND instructions as a bonus!


I love this quilt so much I can't stand it. The colors are so rich! But as much as I love it, I still love your Plain Spoken more - leaves me speechless every time.


I love it! I love your plain spoken one, too. I just ordered more solids today. Although not many colors - mostly gray. They're on sale at FabricDepot through today if you're interested!

Ruth Anne

you must have a very pretty living room. How nice it must be to snuggle under your very pretty quillt.


i love this quilt! it is so simple but still quite striking. beautiful! :)


I love the colors you used together.


This quilt is amazing! I've admired the pattern for some time, and now it's definitely on my to-do list. I really love the colors!

Diva Quilts

that's lovely!


Beautiful quilt and a fantastic choice on how you quilted it!


oooo... triangles. You're braver than I am!

Aunt Spicy

Color! Love the color and the pop of white! Good job!


I had seen it before and only I can say again that it's fantastic!


Pretty quilt and thanks for the instructions. I just ordered fabric to make 2 of these! :)


Gorgeous color scheme! Makes me want to see your living room. LoL Beautiful job on the layout and quilting, too. Thanks for sharing all the details. I think I'd like to give this one a try! :o)

Thanks for stopping by!


"I love that one too"

-said the stalker who went out and bought fabric to make the same quilt after she saw it for the first time on your blog.


This is one of my favorites that you have made. I must confess, I am fully planning a quilt just like this (sorry to be a copy cat) that is how much I love it.


beautiful, rebekah! solids are so wonderful...i keep telling myself i'm going to do a quilt in solids. this is inspiring!

Kaye Prince

Oh yes, I love this! And I'm loving the Paula Prass on the back - great job!


That is a wonderful quilt! Good job!!

Rima Aranha

You get an A+++++ for this one!


This quilt is wonderful. I love the cool colors you used..very soothing.


Love this quilt. I've had one like it on my to do list for some time now. I ALSO love your spring fave, the Plain Spoken. Such great colour choices. Thanks for coming to look at my quilt too. Keep in touch.


This is so much fun...I love the solid colors (love that Crate and Barrel quilt up there, too!) and your layout is just lovely...

Doris in Des Moines


i just love that quilt. i was going to make an orange, pink and white version. it's still on my list. i think you and i share the same love of solids. in fact, i was considering only buying solid fabrics for the next year. i don't know if i could do it, but i'm thinking about it. i know...i'm nuts.


So beautiful! I love the colors and especially the quilting! What a super quilt!!


This quilt is soooo gorgeous. Is that Paula Prass backing fabric?? love her. You did a wonderful job on this quilt!


Beautiful Quilt. Love the colors, love the fabrics, love the design.

Thanks for sharing and for participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.



Gorgeous work! Love the color combination!

Katie B

What a cool color combo! I love everything about this quilt!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

This is a soothing wonderful quilt. I love the solid colors you used. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Macdermott

Love it! the backing just looks fantastic.


I'm loving the colors and I would smile everytime I saw it, too.

Hey, Thanks for the nice comments about my quilt, too! I appreciate it!


i love the solids and the colors you used. this is a beautiful quilt...thank you for sharing

Amy - parkcitygirl

I love this one still! I would love to see your whole living room with this happy on the couch :)


I really like your solids. inspiring.


Your quilt is lovely! I think you were right choosing the quilting pattern that you did. It compliments the blocks!

I love the floral fabric that you used for the backing!

Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful! thanks for giving the details as well!

Emily Flippin Maruna


I just wanted to say how great your quilt is and let you know I've posted it as one of my favorites from the Park City Girl Quilt Festival.

The Handmade Experiment


Love the colors. It's gorgeous.


Oooh, LOVE! What is the backing? I adore that fabric and it's the colors of my girls' room! :D


Your quilt is lovely! I think you were right choosing the quilting pattern that you did. It compliments the blocks!


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