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Hey Rebekah,

I'm so homesick now! It seems like you saw the main sights, but even better - a bit of German city life, too. I like that you described Berlin as raw, it fits :)

I haven't been to half those places since they were built after I moved away and therefore weren't part of 'my Berlin' so I've been faithfully boycotting them :)


ok you are the best tour guide ever...I love reading these posts!!


I am so enjoying this tour of Europe you are sharing with us! Very brave and fun of you to pick something on the menu not knowing what you're going to get.


i second the "best tour guide" comment! i am so enjoying your vacation posts. your excitement and enjoyment of berlin can be felt in your writing and seen in your beautiful pictures.

and i think you guys have stumbled upon genius in the separate comforter department! what a great idea!!


I just can't get enough of all your pictures. Such beautiful places. It really seems like you guys had an amazing time. When we go, ...that a big when... I'll have to go by all your recommendations!


Once again, beautiful photos! I'm really enjoying your trip and feel like I am there seeing it all with you, what fun!! Oh, and the 2 comforter thing, we totally did that for the first time this summer, I made myself a quilt and then wanted to use it, but it was only a twin size, so Andy used a seperate one and we realized this was the best thing ever! That hotel? you stumbled on looked very clean and nice, makes me want to pack my bags and head for Berlin right now. :)

Cascade Lily

Wow I've never considered Berlin as a must-see destination before. But I am a sucker for great architecture and you've sold me! Great photos - love the one of you both in the mirrors! Thanks for the virtual tour :)


1) Separate blankets are awesome! 2) When I was in Florence for a semester, my American friends and I would eat (feast?) at McDonald's every Sunday. It was so fun, and I completely understand the lure of Dunkin Donuts. :)


Wow. I'm loving your pics~! Sounds like Rick Steeves had some great tips, I love his show and always wondered if the trip lived up to his descriptions.

finger thumb

This brings back such great memories for me as my husband and I went to Europe a couple of years ago, and Berlin was totally the highlight of our tour. We went there unexpectedly (it wasn't on our itinerary) and were so glad we did. I totally agree that one somehow feel very connected to the history of the place in Berlin. It was so nice to see your photos of places that we also visited - though we stayed in a really nasty little youth hostel, (hot water optional) and I so wish we'd been at Pension Peters instead!


More great pictures. More envy going on here. Many (many) years ago I went through Checkpoint Charlie - when it was still a checkpoint. Very interesting.


I sort of feel like I just headed to Berlin...second best!!! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of your trip---I am absolutely loving them!


wow! wow! wow!
i completely adore berlin and your pictures do it so much justice! they're wonderful! i am so glad you made it to the checkpoint charlie museum- it is my all time favorite! so glad to see you had such an incredible time!

Tânia Ho

Rebekah, thanks so much for sharing this Berlin post with me. I've taken note of all your suggestions, and hopefully we'll have a great time as you both have ! A nice coincidence, it just so happens that the hotel we're staying at (my husband is going for a conference) is located near the Dahlem-Dorf U-Bahn station :)

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