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welcome back!!! it a great city?

Amy - parkcitygirl

Welcome back! I love your pictures and look forward to hearing more of your trip!


How fun - that hotel looks so cute and it sounds like a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear more...


Welcome home! Looks like you had a great time... the pictures are gorgeous! Amsterdam's definitely on our to-visit list :)


Welcome back! I am so happy to hear that your trip was so much fun. Your first post is great and I am looking forward to reading more. No baby yet.


Hey, glad to see you back in blogging action! I loved Amsterdam when I was there a few years ago, but I'm really looking forward to your post about Berlin, especially since you seem to like it a lot. It's my favourite city, probably because I was born there :) No bias, eh?


What an awesome experience!! Looking forward to more stories and photos of your trip. Amsterdam looked amazing, how fun to ride bikes everywhere. When my sister was at school in Oxford England, I had the opportunity to visit. Our main transportation was by foot or bike, I too wish I could trade in my car and just use my bike for everything. Somehow I don't see that working too well for me, with a little one.

Clever Karen

oooh what lovely sunny pictures! We were poured upon several times while in Amsterdam - looks like you had great weather. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and stories1

Cascade Lily

Spectacular! I've only been to the airport :(

One day we'll get there!


That looks spectacular! I'm so glad you took so many pictures. Yeah, it'd be a little difficult riding your bike around Detroit, lol....Amsterdam looks wonderful!


welcome back! looooove all the pictures, thank you so much for sharing! amsterdam looks spectacular!
that reflection shot is amazingly cool - love it!
and all those bikes.... wonderful!
i've already snooped through all your flickr pictures (i just couldn't help myself), but i can't wait to hear about everything first hand!


Welcome home! What an amazing trip! So lucky! Thank you sharing the wonderful photos.


Good to hear that you had a great trip. Love the pictures. It makes me want to go back!


great pictures!!!! Amsterdam looks so fantastic!!! thanks for sharing!


I am reading these vacation posts backwards! Fun to see pictures from Amsterdam and read about the city. How cool to see Anne Frank's house. I don't know how anyone would find their bike in that bike parking area. It looks like a challenge they had on Amazing Race. Maybe it is the same place!


Amsterdam looks amazing! I seriously want to travel here. What great architecture.

Rima Aranha

Welcome welcome! What a great time! Loving the pictures.

finger thumb

Oh, SO lovely. Now I want to got to Amsterdam immediately! My family is from Holland, so it always has such a draw for me. So nice to see all your pics, and hear the stories. Also, you said you went to a Dutch college. I did too! Which one? Was it in the US or Canada?


so glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! i love that reflection picture- so beautiful! and the bikes! how fun!

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