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What finds - lucky girl!!! I love that quilt. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it!


what great finds!
i think the quilt's name should have something to do with either fireworks or ninja throwing stars.

good luck with the loom - i hope you can figure out how to set it up! what fun!


Wow, great finds! Love that block in the quilt. I've never seen it before but I love the look of it.


Oooh! a loom! I understand the siren call of new crafty skills. Can't wait to see some weaving from you!

on a side note.... I just discovered yesterday that there is such a thing as a "Crafting Cruise" (awesome!) but they all seem to be focused on only one craft (a knitting cruise, a beading cruise, etc.). Don't you think we need to organize the flickr peeps (and other interested parties) and do a multi-craft cruise? think of the possibilities! or.... maybe I should just go to squam next year, eh? skip all the added gratuity and cheesy entertainment. still.... can you imagine being free to work on any one of, say, 20 crafts at your own pace and whim? sorry. this comment got long. maybe i should blog about it instead.


I used to have a little loom when I was a kid!! I wish I remembered enough to help you with instructions. No idea what the pattern's called but it's gorgeous.


your post rang true to me...i thought MY mother was the queen of the bargain hunt....i once looked everywhere (seriously) for a jane fonda 80's excercise tape, and couldn't find one....i mention it to my mum, and a couple of days later, she found me one!!!! and btw, the quilt is gorgeous, and i must admit i visit ur blog regularly for inspiration...keep up the good work, lots of love, from sophie (in australia)....


mildewed shut! that cracked me up. see you soon! xox


Oh my goodness, I have this exact same loom! I found it at the thrift store; it had never been used. Send me your e-mail and I will e-mail you a copy of the instruction book.

Cheryl S.

What an awesome find! I don't know if that pattern looks more like birds or flowers. Lucky quilt to have found someone to finish it!

Becky Rico

Wow! I never find stuff like that.
The pattern in called Flying Swallows. You can see the pattern here:


becky just beat me to it! i was going to point you to the same link:

i tried to make one once, but it has set-in seams and it was a complete disaster!


Awesome thrifting!!! Can't wait to see what you make on that loom!


what fun finds. you will have to show us your finished creations.


Such great finds! Did I mention that I got a rigid heddle loom a few months ago from Craig's List? I haven't even touched it yet because I don't have the energy nor the time right now. Too many knitting projects are in the works. But I am already imagining beautiful scarves made from my sock yarn stash.

Amy - parkcitygirl

Wow! Great finds :) it will be fun to see where they both take you!


It looks like some kind of rigid heddle loom but from your photo I can't see how the front and back warp beams rotate (maybe they don't?). I would ask around on the rigid heddle loom group on ravelry if you need help setting it up.


weaving? that is SO awesome! can't wait to see what you make!


I love when someone else gives in to the siren call of another craft project they don't have time for. I don't feel like the only one. Welcome to the dark side! ;)


Wauw, and that from a thriftstore!! Good catch!

finger thumb

Awesome. I NEVER find old quilts at garage sales. I live in an area thats mostly new suburbs, so the garage sales suck. Maybe someday....

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