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Congratulations! On the 6 years AND the afghan. That took 1/6 of your relationship - am I a total geek for thinking of it that way or what lol


Nice! Your colors are absolutely wonderful.


Congratulations on six years! How wonderful that you're still so much in love.
That afghan is really gorgeous. I love the pic of all the yarns, too. Lovely!


What a great afghan! I love the zig zag pattern and the colors you picked. Congrats on 6 years.


Such a beautiful afghan! Love the colours and the yarn is definitely amazing :) Congratulations on 6 yrs!!


Congratulations on 6 years!! And congratualtions on finishing your afghan, the bigger projects are always worth celebrating once finished. Love the picture of you guys sharing it, beautiful pattern and colors!!


124,000 and some stitches, not that you were counting. if it is comforting we are glad you finished because it is very nice!

Clever Karen

Congratulations on your anniversary. The picture of the two of you under that afghan and that blue sky is lovely!


Time goes fast when you're having a good time!
Love the blanket! And the quilted one below too!! Very much.


The quilt is wonderful. I just love the colors that you used. Congrats on 6 years! Time does seem to zoom by.


felicidades! congrats for the anniversary!!! your afghan is so beautiful!!! i love the colors and the pattern you used!


have i mentioned before that your pattern reminds me (for some strange reason) of the ties they wear at Hogwarts? Must be a children's librarian thing....

Hooray for big accomplishments! love the photo of you and jon. :) did you use a timer or ask a friend?


congratulations! what a sweet sweet picture of the two of you. and what a GORGEOUS quilt- i'm completely crazy about it!
124,080 stitches? - that's incredible!


Congratulations! Time does seem to fly by doesn't it. I love the finished blanket. Looks fantastic and like it was a LOT of hard work.


congratulations on your anniversary *and* congratulations on finishing the blanket!
it looks fantastic!
i love the picture of you and jon, so sweet, it could be on the cover of a knitting book!


Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!! Anniversary, ENGAGEMENT, and a blanket...not bad!


congratulations, you two~what an adorable photo of you and your new lovely afghan. :)


Gorgeous blanket. I love the photo of the two of you, and happy anniversary!


Congrats to you and your sweetie :-) And your finally finished knit afghan is gorgeous! I don't know how to knit, only crochet... but I wish I did ;-) Well done! LOVELY colors!


What a lovely post. The afghan is spectacular and I hope you enjoy many years of snuggling under it together.


It feels so wonderful to finish something that's been on your needles for so long - Congratulations! And, I love that first photo:) Congratulations to you and Jon!


such a lovely piece of work and a lovely couple! Many wishes for more years together!


and well done on that cute blanket!

Rima Aranha

Congratulations! You deserve the very best! And that blanket is just too much--just lovely.

Amy - parkcitygirl

Congratulations on your milestone and a fab finish!


Congrats! I love the photo of the two of you under the blanket. That blanket is so beautiful. I can't imagine making it myself.


What a sweet picture of the you two. So sweet and simple. Love the afgan!


i just left a comment on the flickr photo too, but i REALLY really love this.


I love this! I've only knitted one afghan and it certainly takes stick-to-it-ivness!

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