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I didn't you lived in Michigan. I was just out at Cranbrook for work last week. :) They do have quite the impressive campus. I love your photos! I may have to go out there myself to play around as well. I am sure it is gorgeous in the fall!


Looks so calming and lovely. The bridge is beautiful.


gorgeous! that bridge picture is especially stunning!


What a beautiful place! Where is Cranbrook? The funny thing is that I live on Cranbrook Road!! But obviously not the same one. :-)


such lovely pictures - thanks so much for sharing!

Cheryl S.

Hey, I grew up in Troy!


Lovely! So very serene!


Gosh I haven't been to Cranbrook in years! We used to go to the Science museum all the time, and the gardens as well. Lovely pics!!!


That garden sure is beautiful! I love visiting the gardens in the winter time-it's less crowded and just as beautiful, just in different ways.

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