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What a wonderful visit! The lake looks beautiful, I can just imagine sleeping under the stars in the tent. I really enjoyed your photos.


Gosh, that looks like fun! You're very lucky to have a big family that seems to get along quite well, also! I think my family re-union would have 7 attendees... :)

I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences!



Looks like a great time - love the camper birdhouse - next time, get on that jet ski, it's great fun!


looks like a fun time - love the pictures!
i like spotting all your handcrafted clothes out in the wild too. it's fun to make things, but it's even better when you actually get use out of them!


That looks like a lot of fun! That house looks like the perfect location for a celebration!


How fun - that house is beautiful too! Sounds (and looks) like an amazing weekend!


What a fabulous lake house! Thats basically our dream :-) Looks like you and the family had a great time! We're taking our annual vacation down to Lake Norris in TN... with 13 family members... not all 32 thank goodness, hehe. July 26th cannot come fast enough!


What a gorgeous house and location! Your family get togethers look so much better than ours. Will your parents adopt me??


looks like a great weekend and you wore one of the shirts you made! way to go.


Such a great house for a family reunion! My dad's family used to get together every Saturday (I grew up thinking that was normal lol) when I was living in Singapore and I really miss that!


This looks like a great weekend! I love that birdhouse, its adorable.


That looks like fabulous fun! What a wonderful looking place. I love the sleeping outside to get away from the snorers. Too funny!

You're wearing the tank! I'm working on mine now. I've managed to mess up the first lace repeat. *sigh* I'm going to do the next repeat and see how it looks and then figure out if I need to rip the whole darn thing out. lol


boating, board games and family fun? sounds like a lovely way to spend the 4th. love that little bird house!


oh, how fun!!! (can i come next year?) the camper bird house is fab!!!

Amy Seven-Stitches

What a beautiful weekend. I love the colour co-ordinated boards games and clothes.


This sounds like great fun! We had a reunion last year and I couldn't believe how great it was to see everyone! There were relatives I hadn't seen in 15 years, which is WAY too long.

The secret to the jet-ski is driving it yourself. A little scary at first, but it is tons of fun--even going fast is great!


Love the title. I grew up in Michigan, and like to tell my friends who just moved there how they need to get a cabin "up north."


Remember when I was on the jet ski and you caught up and I said "It stalled, I'm out of gas" but you thought I said "let's race... eat my dust!" and I thought "typical Rebekah!!" and then I was stranded on the other lake for 30min with only SPF30 protecting my glow in the dark white skin? Oh well, no hard feelings, seriously! Just a funny story!

Amy - parkcitygirl

So much fun in there!! Glad you had a good weekend with the fam :)


I just had to post a comment. I found your blog through the long thread. My name is Rebekah too, spelled the same way and I hate that everyone shortens it to becky. Too funny.


Wow, what a beautiful setting for a family get together.


what an amazing house!
i just came back from a few weeks with my family - it's the best thing in the world...

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