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Wow you were on a roll. The quilt is lovely:)


It's beautiful!!!!!!!! And I love the quilting on it. That picture of kitty is SO darling.
One pound of fudge? I'll be right there. LOL. I've had two people bring me fudge this summer from Mackinac.


This quilt is lovely, I love the colors. And the quilting you did looks so great. A weekend alone to quilt sounds like heaven.


wow, it's gorgeous! and what an adorable overseer you have!


It looks great! And It's nice to hear that does it's job so well.

Amy - parkcitygirl

I stay home when Joe goes in the backcountry too! Love your quilt - so cheery, and fun! Fast finish for you too :)


Yay! So pretty, I love the colors. :)


I really need to remember that my next quilt will be red and aqua! That combination is great and your quilt looks terrific!


Red and aqua is such a great combination, I need to do that combo more. Your red, white and blue quilt is beautiful, even if the color isn't what you had in mind. Just gorgeous!!


One weekend ALONE to do what you please? Pure heaven ;-) What a cozy quilt! I want to do this design soon - did you find that it went together fairly quick? I love it!


Very cute! The colors look so happy!

Clever Karen

Another lovely one! I have of stash of red and blue that would be perfect for this!!!


I have a weakness for red and blue. It's bright and cheerful.


it's wonderful! now i'm wishing i would have made mine would probably be done by now. for some reason i made mine a full size...not looking forward to piecing the back and quilting something that large.


Hey, I think the quilt is wonderful - I didn't get any red-white-blue feeling from it at all, because there are no white-dominated fabrics - it's all red-aqua to me, great job!


Another lovely quilt!


Wowsa! I love it and you should too! I should have done that quilt along...


It's gorgeous! I doesn't scream patriotic for me, just cute!


It's fantastic! I love red and aqua, too, but this quilt is just as nice with those 3 colors.


I love this! Great colors! My hubby was also gone this past week. It is so nice to get some time to just craft to my hearts content. I must say though, you definitely got a lot more accomplished than I did.


loving the quilt, very patriotic for an american! so simple and so effective!


This is really a fun quilt! Well done!


beautiful!! i love your fabric choices. simply amazing!!

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