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Well that's just beyond cute!!! My hubs and I love cats and we'd have a bazillion if we could. Just our two little Ragdoll girls for now though :)


totally made my day! this video is soooo cute!
ps: just finished reading "the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society: and for some reason thought you'd love it!

Oiyi cute is that! My two dogs plus one baby is more than I can handle at the moment.


Reminds me of my childhood. I had 2 guinea pigs that were suppose to be both males then multiplied to 4 GP then seperated them, but multiplied once again to 8 GP. We had to give the last 4 away, very sad. Now I live with 2 pugs, a black one and a tan one. Pugs are fun, but very hyper!


oh i *do* love the guinea pigs!!
i could watch that clip all day long...
i had one a few years back and would love to get another one (or two, they're happier in pairs!) now that lily's old enough.
all i have to do is convince brian that it's a good idea and find space for them to live!

Amy - parkcitygirl

Cute! but not in my house :)


Cute cute cute, but watch the fingers, lol! For some reason guinea pigs always remind of the Trouble With Tribbles episode of Star Trek.


How sweet! I used to sneak our hamster strawberries all the time..never thought of watermelon.


Adorable! Does that guinea pig have a hair clip in? too cute...

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