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LOVE this quilt! And the binding is perfect. :)

Allie in MI

Love. This. Quilt. Love the quilting, it's perfect for it. Love the colors, and the backing and binding. Just wonderful.




Rebekah, it is FABulous! I love it. The quilting is perfect on it, as is the binding. Wonderful!


The binding is perfect! Such a great quilt.


This is totally gorgeous! LOVE the simplicity of solid blocks, but FUN polka dot binding - well done! My entire house is blue/green/brow/grey - sweet!


It is so beautiful - and I love the quilting!! I agree with everyone else too - perfect choice on the binding!

Clever Karen

Another spectacular quilt with awesome colors. You are so productive!


wowza!! the quilt is perfect! i love everything about it, seriously - everything! it's beautiful.


It looks great and I love the backing fabric. Great job.

Amy Hodge

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first photo. LOVE IT!! And I know what you mean about the straight lines. They are pretty boring to do, but they can look so nice.


Do you mean one (1) yard of each color? A total of 4 yards. 16 yards just seems like too much fabric. The colors are wonderful and a great backing.


love the colors, the quilt, the quilting, AND the binding!


Ooh, you tempt me Rebekah to make this quilt! I love how you quilted it. It is perfect for the design. Great colors, cute quilt. Love it!!


wow- it's stunning! wonderful pattern, gorgeous colors- incredible fabrics, amazing binding... stunning!


I absolutely love this. Probabaly one of my favorites so far! Seriously I want to go to the store right now, get some fabric and get to work. Now, i just need to decide on colors, and find a fabric shop that is open at 10 at night. Tough one, maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow. I really do love it and I love the quilting, it is perfect for this pattern.

Cheryl S.

This is very pretty! I usually don't go for straight line quilting for the same reason, but when I do it, I generally like the outcome. Very nice!


lovely! :)


I love the binding!

Rima Aranha

Wow! The color scheme is so beautiful! I dont know how you make so many quilts.. and all of them look so good!


Wow! I love it, I have been thinking about this quilt all week, I didn't think you'd have it done so soon! Congrats!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

SO great! I love this!!


First, I LOVE this quilt! The colors are so fresh and fun! Second, I love the title of your blog! I hate being called Becky too :) Third, I think its awesome that you spell your name with a K and an H! :) I found your blog through flickr and I'm glad I did! :)


Another beautiful quilt! Love that binding fabric.


These are my house colors too. Love it. Roan has a scrap quilt in this same design from his grandmother, but it's all prints and some solids.


Beautiful! The backing panel is a perfect compliment to the front.


Beautiful quilt, and I really enjoyed looking over your last so many posts. Love the bag you made your sis, the knitted vest, and shirts you made. Nice getting to know you a bit through your blog. :)


great job on the quilting and i LOVE the backing!


This is great! Love your quilting.


Love your quilt. The backing and front color choices are perfect together. The polka dot binding is a neat touch. I had to reread the directions a couple of times, they seemed too easy, when I saw your pictures of the quilt in progress...the light went on.


love the colors and the binding is the icing on this quilty cake!!


This is soooo fabulous, beautiful, awesome! I totaly love this quilt! The back fabric is beautiful too and you work sooo precise. Beautiful!


I love it! The colors are perfect and I love the simple solid fabrics you used for the top!


Another beautiful quilt Rebekah! You must have quite a collection now :)


it turned out beautifully! i am so impressed with your precise quilting lines.


You are amazing! It's too beautiful!


it's gorgeous! i just LOVE it!!! thanks for sharing the specifics. i love the quilting on it, too. the perfect treatment for this quilt.


your quilt is AMAZING - love the colors!

Susan K

what a great quilt - I LOVE the colours - the backing is the BEST

Rebecca Ogilvie

I have to tell you that the name of your blog was my moto for college. I too was named Rebecca and was always called Becky until college when I literally threatened (and at times) pounding if they called me Becky. I am now Rebecca!
Love the quilts and am glad I found your blog. I am always looking for inspiration for handcrafts.
Rebecca O of Buffalo

Mary Winterbottom

love it! So simple, yet such a statement!


catching up on blog reading! gorgeous! love the binding!


I love these colors--especially the blue. I can never seem to find the rich shades I want in solid colors. Would you mind sharing where you found your fabric? Gorgeous quilt!

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