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Oh my goodness! I love this! I am making a quilt for a wedding present and a variation on this might be perfect! Great colors....


this is GORGEOUS! i love it! the color combination is really great. i can't wait to see how it turns out with the quilting!


Wow! What a fabulous quilt. I love it. I've been thinking that I want to do a solid color fabric quilt, and yours is very inspiring!


I love it! Great job!


Wowza!! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the solids look in this style. How big are the individual blocks? I am seriously drooling on my keyboard. So inspiring.

~Michelle~ more quilt that I love and will probably want to try making! *there's not enough hours in the days for me*

Thanks for sharing enough info to make me dangerous! :)


very nice. i love the polka dot and flower fabrics--they will all look GREAT together!


It looks great! My gosh, Rebekah, how do you find time for it all?


I love a quilt made with solids, these colors are great. Love that polkda dot fabric too.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Fun! I love the colors too! And your choice of polka dots is amazing:) Have fun

Amy Hodge

WoW! I really love this!!!


The quilt colours also match the "Girl With A Pearl Earing" painting :)

I'm confused, are the pictures of the quilt that you are planning to make (with different background instead of the muslin) or of one you made, and you're using the floral as the backing fabric?

Either way, it's a nice quilt!


Sara R.

Those colors are beautiful! I need to make one right now!


It is so beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished!

Allie in MI

Love it! The pattern and colors are perfect!


I LOVE this quilt! I've never made a quilt with just solids but I'm definately adding this to my to-do list!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors you chose. It's going to look so good.


this is gorgeous. i'm with you on the color combo too...all through my house as well.


Love it as it is but I am confused by how you will now introduce the floral as a background fabric? ...


These are some of my favorite colors, too! In fact, I've used the growing number of baby things in our house as an excuse to add more lime green and blue :) I love the lovely combination of basic and prints in your quilt...can't wait to see more!


Oh my, I love this! I really do! I love all of your quilts, and this one is another favorite. I might have to try this as well. I love love love the color combo.


Your greens do really pop. this quilt looks like a great pull of your favourite colours!


That's the same one I've been coveting since I first saw it too! Yours is fantastic - great color choices. Really beautiful.


i LOVE this- the color choices are amazing!


Just wanted to tell you that I had to come back and look at your quilt AGAIN!


Ack! I love this one too!!

Rima Aranha

You are just a genius with this. Need I say more...


this is amazing!!! i love your choice of backing and binding fabrics, too. simple is so so SO GOOD!!!

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