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Wow, the lace pattern is pretty. This looks like a lot of work and you should be proud that you finished it.


Very pretty - yay for summer knits!


I love it! It looks great on you! I just cast on for this, too. But I'm using cheap cotton-ease yarn - after seeing a lot of people on Ravelry used that. Because, really, I might be too old to wear something like this. LOL


Great Tank! I noticed on your side bar you are reading Girl with the Pearl Earing....I just finished it about 2 weeks ago. I loved it, I have recommended it to everyone. I love Vermeer and this book was a great (historical fiction) story about him. Let me know what you think of it!


Wow - it looks great. I'm amazed by all your knitting!


Cute! You have been so productive lately!


Cute. I get that way late at night too. Sewing things all wrong and such.

Clever Karen

Boy, it turned out cute. Great for a layered look. Now that school is done, I am looking forward to being able to stay up late should crafting inspiration hit!


It looks great Rebekah! I love seeing all of your creations...even if they do make me feel like a crafting bum. You seem to create 5 for every one I start lol.

Allie in MI

Very nice! I'm like that too if I stay up too late, lol.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

super cute!


this is sooo cute rebekah! <3


it's so cute on you!

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