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What lovely yarn and photos! I've only two projects on the needles at the moment, but this is inspiration to get some more going!


these are all fantastic projects!
that yarn is so lovely i don't think you can be blamed for your startitis. you can totally blame the yarn, who wouldn't want to knit with it?


Oh, you're making me want to knit again. These are going to be pretty in such gorgeous yarn.


The yarn is gorgeous. It could even tempt me. It's been a while since I've knitted something. Too bad her shop is sold out. :(


Lovely stuff! I can hardly wait to see it finished! Why is starting things so. much. fun?


your projects are gorgeous! i couldn't start that many with kids or i would drive myself crazy!

Allie in MI

Oh those are gorgeous - you are really making me want to try knitting again!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

wow! what a great bunch of starts :) I'm excited to see your progress!


That yarn takes my breath away! I would have cast-on-itis if I had a stash like yours!


oh goodness, that is some beautiful yarn. i can see why you just had to start so many projects. :)


Love those fingerless gloves. They are really the only reason I want to knit.


You have a lot on your needles right now! I love all the Plucky Knitter yarns, too. Thanks to you for turning me onto her yarns. I am currently spinning some fiber I got from her in the last update.


I love startitis :) Those are some great projects!

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