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Good info and cute pics too! I agree - I would love more room to stuff those quilts through too!


thanks for sharing about your machine!!! i'm glad to read all the info. i'm kind of considering buying a second machine and this is so helpful.


You've given me some serious sewing machine envy!


Looking at your craft space makes me so happy - gorgeous colour scheme and so organised. I sold my Bernina 153QE to buy my Janome 6600p and haven't regretted it for a moment. A Juki would be awesome for quilting - especially if you had a frame for it too (dreams are free!).


I just purchased a Janome and I love it! It is so much quieter than my Singer model!


I'd love to try a janome. I have a love/hate relationship with my machine right now!


I completely agree with you about buying a machine that you can grow into, rather than getting a cheap one to start off and then ending up being frustrated with it.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love my janome too! for many of the same reasons :)


I am happy to hear that you love this machine. I have the same machine purchased about 1 year ago and mine has given me too much trouble so I have decided maybe I got unlucky and got a "friday made" machine. My janome serviceman keeps telling me "this machine is not meant for lots of sewing" which seems absurd to me being a quilting companion.


I am with you Clo-I bought this machine 4/08 and mine is a LEMON. Love it when it works, but never seems to work when I need it to. I am taking it in for repairs AGAIN. This is the third time.

Sue Nelson

I have this machine and love it, works like a gem. Would like to buy the Janome Horizon next for larger quilting space.

Vivian Miller

This is a great machine. I've never had trouble with it, other than human error! Was thinking on selling it, because I don't use it much. I have a Janome 10,000 that I usse almost every day. Now I'm not so sure I want to part with it, after reading reviews. We've had to down-size from our house to an apartment, so that was why I might sell it. But if something happens to the 10,000, I would still be able to sew. Need to find a better spot for holding on to it for awhile longer.

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