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Wow you did a great job. I really love the fabric in the thrid one:)

Allie in MI

You go girl! You did a wonderful job! I haven't learned garments yet - been quilting forever, but I think I'm genetically incapable of following a pattern. Bought a serger 3 years ago and still haven't touched it. Maybe when I get this last quilt finished, I'll give it a go - you've inspired me! Love love love the red one.


those are all great! garment sewing is definitely on my summer to-do list. I was also stalking a sale on simplicity 4589 and finally got it for a buck last weekend at JoAnn's. I've never sewn a shirt before, hopefully I will be as successful as you.


You look so cute! I like the top design and the different fabrics you chose.


these are fantastic!
i went back and forth and back and forth trying to pick my favorite, it was hard but in the end i went with the 2nd one.
such nice work! i've never sewn a shirt for myself either - but you're making me want to give it a try!


super cute! oddly enough, i sewed lots of clothes for myself in high school, but can't seem to find the patience to do it now. my favorite is... the third one--great colors!


I love them all. You did a great job on them. Is it really simple? I like that style top.

Clever Karen

Darling pattern and fabric. You did great for someone who doesn't sew clothes usually. One of my goals for the summer is to make a few tops - I haven't done much clothing sewing recently, but seeing stuff like this inspires me!


Great patterns and you did a great job!


That is my favorite pattern. I am still working at sewing shirts/dresses/skirts that I would actually wear in public. It's all still trial and error for me. All three of your shirts turned out great...your fabrics are terrific, too.


You did a great job! Beautiful tops and you are all set for summer!


It looks like you've been sewing clothes forever! All three look great on you.


They all look fantastic! I think the second one is my favorite, but it's kind of a toss-up. Great job! I can't wait to see what else you do!


Great job! They look like they fit really well. I was so jealous of that $1 Simplicity sale...their patterns cost $18+ here.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Aren't you cute! Your shirts look great! Love the fabrics you used too :)


did well for yourself! they look good on you, especially the red!


Cute tops! I stocked up on some of those $1 patterns, too, but haven't tried them. Yours look so great, you give me courage to try them.


Good for you. I haven't gotten around to making this shirt yet, but you've inspired me to try it!


ohhh! I'm impressed! very very nice. I love that red fabric.


These are awesome! I am so happy you took the plunge. The shirts look great. I can't wait to see you rocking an entire handmade outfit - skirt, shirt and sweater! Nice work.


they are wonderful! i have that pattern and it's been on my list for ages, but i can't decide on a fabric to use for some reason.


That pattern looks great on you, and I love the fabrics you chose!


Great job! I have been wanting to make clothes too. I bought a skirt book and will hopefully get to make some skirts.

The shirt pattern you found is really cute! And I love the fabric choices! :) Keep up the good work!


I really like the red one! Did you make them all for you? Nice job on the 1st round of sewing clothes! Are you going to do any more clothes patterns?

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