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Way to go on supporting indie crafters and small businesses! Great purchases! The bags are awesome.


The coffee bean bag, comes all the way from my town :D love it


Good scores - I've been super happy with Etsy lately too, and need to do my own Etsy finds post, hehe :)

amy (sew~amy)

I am a little smitten with Etsy too. Love it.


cute bags! and nice photo of the wallet. I'm not sure what is up with my camera and the color red, but your photo looks MUCH better than any of the ones I tried to take. I"m glad you're enjoying your Etsy purchases!


Super fun purchases! xox


love that last bag!


what great finds! I love etsy. And I really really love that last bag. super cute!


Etsy is great! I have to be careful not to wander around to much in the shops because my spending money is low these days. I find too many things to want!


Great finds! I especially love the coffee sack bag. Beautiful!


i have been drooling and drooling over your bags. then i keep going to etsy to drool over them some more. so finally this morning i caved and bought a denim bag from bayanhippo. i'm so excited! thanks for the lovely tips!

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