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I wish I knew how to crochet. This is beautiful, what a great gift..


love it! i want to make one too now!


very cute! doesn't it feel nice to cross stuff off of old lists?

Amy Hodge

Super cute!!!


Hey that looks great! I love the idea of one big square. I bet it does feel good to get that crossed off. My list of things to do makes my head hurt.


It's so pretty - and I'm sure your friend will love it! Congrats on crossing something off the list!

Allie in MI

That's so pretty! I love all the colors. I did one, years ago, in just red and white, for my grandma. I miss crocheting.
I bet it feels great to cross something off your list! BTW, those are GREAT colors for a baby boy!


beautiful! perfect bright colors for a little baby.
and congrats on being able to cross an old wip off your list.


I love it. Especially that teal blue color that you spaced through out. It helps pull in the other colorful colors.


I can't believe your oldest WIP is only just over a year old! You are my new crafty role model. It looks fantastic!


Wow! What an accomplishment! It is very pretty and I am sure your friend will treasure it.


So pretty. Crochet or knit?

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love the colors! It's all boy too :) the need to learn crochet keeps growing . . . just not sure where to start!


Crocheting just doesn't make sense in my brain. Grammie has taught me a million times and I always fall back to my two needles.


Adorable! I remember seeing this and loved the colors you used. Great job on finishing another WIP.


hurray for finished projects! it always feels so great to finish up those long time wips.


What a great gift - love that blanket.

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