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This is so pretty! I also love the backing colours. I saw this tutorial/quilt along as well, and decided not to do one. And then, after seeing so many beautiful outcomes, it's on my list of to do's!
Great work!

Clever Karen

This looks awesome! The colors are great.


It looks great! I love it. And congratulations on a finish! WooHoo!


It is so pretty!


I love it! Another great quilt. Congrats on another one off the list. I wanted to join the Spring to Finish but I know I won't get much done this month. We finally made it to North Carolina with all our stuff, and now our apt is full of boxes. Seriously... FULL! So I have been working on that and everything else. Hopefully I will be back to crafting soon. I did manage to finish one more dish cloth so that should count for something right? I can't wait to see what knitting projects you have in the works.


Your quilt turned out fantastic! I'm ready to find some time to jump back into quilting for fun -- lately I'm stuck sewing up reversible superhero capes for all of the little boys I know. Everyone and their dog is receiving a superhero cape from us this year, haha.


Hi Rebekah,

My previous 2 winners never contacted me and you are 1 of the winners now! Please email me at with your address so I can get you your Cupcakes!

Have a great night,


It cam out really beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful new quilt. I have to finish mine now too!


You are right! i find myself stuck by the computer way too many times.
Love your sampler quilt, mine is still just on the list. One day, I get there.




Love the colors in your sampler. It looks great!


That quilt really turned out great--I love the colors you choose!


I think it's fantastic! I had such high hopes for mine but as I started piecing the blocks it became obvious that I had a cutting mistake somewhere and I got discouraged and never went back. Seeing yours all done and lovely is making me want to get back to it. Thanks.


I adore the back as much as the front. It looks so great.

I am really thinking of making a doll quilt to ease myself back into making a quilt. I figure I should practice while waiting for the last quilt block for Melody's V-day quilt to arrive. Now, if I could only stop knitting and crocheting. Those projects are so portable.


Good for you! It looks soooo awesome. It is amazing what you can get done when you aren't on the computer...oh, wait a minute...


This turned out wonderfully! One of these days I will make this quilt....


It's so pretty! I hope the finishing of the rest of your projects goes well:)


See how lovely that orange is. Love that stripe on the back. This one is really pretty!


Wow, this is gorgeous - I wish I had the patience for quilting. I love the finished product, but the making just kills me!!! Also, just want to let you know I have mentioned this site on my blog, and used a picture of one of your quilts (which I've credited you with, and linked back here). Hope that's all ok. If not, please let me know and I'll rectify immediately. Cheers, Bec :)


I really like this one! It's got a great combination of colors and a nice, calming feel.


i love this! the orange just pops, which i love. and the backing is wonderful, too. now you have two quilts in one. :)


this is fab!!! i love the back. great colors and fabrics...spring to finish is a good thing!


it's beautiful! i love the 'hidden surprise' on the back! nice touch!


Great job on the back! I will be attempting something like that on the back of the quilt that I am currently working on. I'm to the point now where I just want to get it finished!

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