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stick to it! stick to it! i started english and now i knit continental... so much faster, though it took a while to get familiar with it. i still don't know how to purl continental... that's next on my to do list!


love the cowl!

and i'd say that if you're ever going to learn continental this seems like the time to do it (what with the mindless stockinette and all).


That vest is so cool! I love it. The colors are great. I knit continental style - because I learned how to crochet many (many) years ago, and it just seemed more natural to hold the yarn in my left hand (ok, sorry, TMI). However, I don't think I'm all that fast. I really want to knit as fast as Eunny Jang (lol, yeah, right), but she goes so fast I don't what she does to knit so danged fast!

Cheryl S.

Very pretty cowl!


There is no right or wrong way of knitting. I have seen people who knit English style like a machine. So, it really depends on what you are most comfortable with. The more confortable you are with a technique, the faster you will be.


Don't do it if you don't like it! It'll ruin your enjoyment of knitting.


I found that by the time I was finished with one (SMALL) skein of yarn, my hands had gotten used to the 'different' way of knitting. I never went back to English after that.

But I wonder, I've been reading a number of posts and discussions about ways to knit faster. Why?


eh. i don't see the point in just knitting faster. knitting gets done if you actually sit and knit, no matter how slow or fast you are. ;)


I say try continental. I'm also an English style knitter, and I'm excruciatingly slow. I've been thinking of switching over, but it's hard when you're so comfortable knitting a certain way!


I say stick to it! By the time you finish the vest (or sooner) it will feel more natural. Very pretty cowl!


Continental sounds so perfect, but it doesn't make sense in my brain. I need to find a human to teach me since the books have only further crossed my eyes. That cowl is great!!


That striped vest looks great!


love the yarn, love the color, love the projects and the new blog page!


jon's sweater is looking great! i love the stripes.


If only i was a knitter. Your wares are gorgeous!


Digging your new look and thanks for the knitting inspiration - I'm in a lull.

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