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Ooh, that's a gorgeous home. I love his style.


Can I move in with you when you buy it?


FLW work is amazing!! How would this how be? More like a dream!


That is a beautiful looking one! Wow!

There is a FLW house that was just sold here in Ann Arbor, MI and the seller required the buyer to create an endowment for the house maintenance on top of the purchase price. So not only do you have to pay a hefty price tag, I'm assuming in a lot of cases you'd also have to set aside another million or so for the endowment. Crazy, huh?

Amy Hodge

I know what you mean! When we were living in Frankfort, KY, we found ourselves the fortunate acquaintances of the very nice folks who owned the FLW there (yes, there is one in Frankfort, KY -- the Ziegler House). We were there several times for parties. Such lovely spaces to hang out in. We would love to have owned it ourselves!


ditto that FLW obsession!! ive tried convincing my friends (five girls who also LOVE FLW) to "Invest" in a FLW house...its not going as well as i hoped. haha


Looks like I'm among friends here with my obsession! Have you been to my neck of the woods for a FLW tour (Madison, WI)? We've an amazing convention center, a unitarian chapel, quite a few houses and Taliesin is a short 50 mintues to the west in Spring Green. My husband and I were married across the street from Taliesin, at Hilltop - a property designed by H. Fritz, an apprentice to FLW.

I picked up an amazing FLW-inspired quilting book a while back you might enjoy (by Jackie Robinson), and I've also done a few of the FLW cross stitch designs from Heartland House - they are so cool! I think there's a post on my blog about them.

You might also know about the new book coming out about his life and loves, The Women. Also, if you haven't read Loving Frank you might enjoy it... Ok, I'll quit now.


Yes, I think I'd like to move in, too! There are tons of FLW houses near by and an art gallery with a miniature FLW designed room. I swoon and sit at the table drink coffee all afternoon! Its second best without having to spend millions :)


I gasped when the picture loaded. The openess, the green green grass. beautiful!


I'm a FLW fan too. You should come to Tulsa and visit the Price Tower. It's an hour away from us. We stayed there when I was pregnant with Emily as a sort of last-vacation-without-a-child shindig.


I love his stuff! I'd also love 2.7 million!


I am drooling.


sounds like a great plan!!! :)


You're moving to Ca?!?! Wow, how awesome!! I adore CA!



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