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That is hilarious!


Awesome! One of mine is obsessed with my husband - he likes to have at least one paw touching him, if possible!


That cracks me up! We had a cat just like that when I was little!


What a hilarious cat. I can't believe he stays there long enough for you to take a picture!


That is a HOOT! My cat used to follow me into the bathroom at night, and get on my back like that when I bent over to wash my face. I can still feel the claws, lol!

Karen Bosch

too cute - the first shot is priceless!


ah, so familiar. i often find myself typing on my laptop with a cat draped across my wrists. distracting to say the least. but so sweet that i have a hard time kicking her off. we have two kitties and they've each picked one of us as their favorite.


are you for real? that is hilarious! i wish my cat got a bit more creative with stuff like that...

Jane Weston

LOL - cute! It must be "luv" :o)


that is too funny. true love, i guess!


I miss having cats around. Great moments you have captured here! :~)


My cat jumps on my back too, whenever I lean over to tie my shoes. She was a year old when I "found" her and she knew this trick when I got her. Maybe she and Shinji, her lookalike, are related!

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