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This looks fantastic! I love the colors and that it is all from your stash. It is such a good feeling and clearly can lead to something beautiful. How big is the quilt?


It's so pretty and fresh! I love all the colors you used.


What a beautiful Quilt. Who is it for? I hope YOU. You have a great stash.


It's fantastic - I love the colors!


It's wonderful!!!

I have been feeling very satisfied since I decided to knit from the stash this year. It's true that it makes you appreciate what you have.


ah, spring break. the ONE time of year when I wish i was taking more than one class, so that I could actually feel like I was getting a break! That quilt looks like a good day of sewing. congratulations! are you loving the mod sampler quilt-along? i very much enjoyed her post about color theory. way more than I ever thought I would. I wonder if I could do a stash quilt.... Not that I don't have a stash (I do. it's huge.) but not all of it is quilting weight, so... that wouldn't work so well. hmmmmm.... you are an inspiration!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

You are fast! Great top :)


This looks beautiful, wonderful job on using what you have!


i love your quilt top!!! it's beautiful! i love making myself use what i have, too. it's a very good exercise in self control and it always makes me more creative!


What a wonderfully coordinated stash quilt! Love those blues and oranges!


hi, your quilt is gorgeus!!!!!
once again you are great!!!
ciao Elisa


it's beautiful..and so quick too! love the sweater you's hard for me to fathom that you can make something by that one little stitch at a time.


Gorgeous! Love the colors you used.


The quilt is beautiful! Wow, you are so ahead. My spring break is over and did finish some projects that were waiting for a long time. I am still in the picking the fabric stage on the Quilt Along. Enjoy you break! can't wait to see all you create!


Wow, that was super fast! Love how it turned out. I can't wait to see how you quilt it and what backing you choose.


Thats beautiful and so refreshing to look at! And I know what you mean about the thread, I always need a new colour. It gets expensive!


Oh spring plan is to work on that quilt as well! I have my card stock out and my rotary cutter ready...I think tomorrow after work (when I would be in class) I'll cut it out! Yours looks great!!!!!


Wow you're quilt! It looks beautiful.


Haha, I mean quick, not quilt.


Glad to see you back in action! I'm always a fan of the orange ;o) Your quilts are amazing....

Jane Weston

Really pretty! I love the colours.


fabulous! i SO wish i got spring break!


It's beautiful, Rebekah!! And all from your stash? Wonderful! I love the colors and small prints, so perfect for Spring.


Wow! What a beautiful quilt. And all from your stash! Looking forward to seeing your finished photos:)

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