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that looks great! and yes, with the michigan weather you will be able to get several months of wear out of it.


Wow, it looks wonderful on you! I recently finished my first sweater, a February Lady, and picked the CPH for my second. I am nervous because of all the knitting in seperate pieces and seaming it together. And of course the whole "will it fit" worry. I probably need to just cast on and go for it!


welcome back, friend! fabulous sweater and a fantastic color. i love chunky cardigans. nice work!

your favorite first younger sister

make me one!! (please)


I'm so impressed. This turned out great!


This is gorgeous! You make it look so easy. It is perfect for those chilly spring nights. And I love the kitty that just has to be in all the pictures.


wow, this is really lovely! what a perfect color too!


Wow! It is fantastic! SOmething like this would probably take me a year or more to do. I get distracted really easily. It is a really lovely color too! Great job!

Amy Hodge

I am so impressed! I still have only managed one washcloth and it took me forever and didn't even come out like it was supposed to. I can't imagine making a sweater like this. You go girl!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

I love the color!! Beautiful sweater :)


I'm working with some of that cascade as we speak/write! I love that sweater!


Wow! I am so impressed! It looks fantastic!


love it, but i do love wearing hoodies, they are comfort clothing!


Aaaaahhhh!!! It looks wonderful on you. And what a great color.


wowzers!!! that is a gorgeous sweater! and it looks so great on you! on the other hand, i am depressed that we still have 2-3 months of sweater weather to endure. pleah.


That is really cute on you. And I love the color.


Oh that looks soooooo comfortable! You just always make me want to knit! Love the color too. :~)


This is beautiful! Your knitting talent amazes me. I can't believe how much you are able to get done while still keeping up with grad school. Superwoman!!!

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