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Very cute bag! That yarn is perfect for the pattern. Is the handle pretty sturdy? It sure looks great and looks like a fun knit.


I love this bad...those colors are wonderful!


It came out great! Very cute.

Remember when you drew up a tutorial for me on how to line a bag. It was for this bag and I have yet to make it. I bought enough yarn to make 2 bags. Gosh, that must have been at least 2 years ago?

Amy @ parkcitygirl

"are you kidding me" first thing out of my mouth when I saw this! It's so beautiful and the texture must be amazing! I love bags - this could be something to get the needles out for :)

Clever Karen

So cute - really love the blend of colors! Maybe I should learn to knit.....oh yeah, I don't have time to finish the projects I already have.......


I love the bag! It's beautiful and the Noro is a perfect yarn for the project.


It is adorable! I love it.


Wow! I love it! And good for you with the improvising. That is something that I need to work on for myself. It looks so cute! Love the colors too. :~)


It's perfect!! What a great marriage between the pattern and the yarn.


great texture and cute yarn!


This really is the coolest bag...that bubble stitch is too cool!

Rima Aranha

This is just beautiful! The colors are lovely...


I love the bag! The bubble stitch works very nicely in Kuryeon.


Love it! Love you guys too. xox


Remember, it's not a mistake, it's a design challenge. And it turned out great!


that's cute! i always wondered about that Noro yarn, because it felt so rough, but this looks like the perfect application for it. what a great little bag!

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