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Loooooooove that fabric! Oh dear. the whole LINE is tempting.... I just sorted my stash last night and was bemoaning its bigness. But.... man is that cute stuff. where did you buy it? no, wait. maybe you shouldn't tell me. maybe i need to come up with a SPECIFIC need and use for it first. no, go ahead and tell me. sigh....


That is so pretty! I love the fabrics.


Rebekah, I can't thank you enough for making this. I just received it in the mail this morning and I love it! I wish I could keep it for me ;-) I know that whoever wins this raffle is going to love this. It is super cute and is the perfect size. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this, it is absoluetly perfect!


Wow! I love the simplicity. It's proof that complicated isn't necessarily better. I do have a tip of quilting diagonal lines. Since you only quilted one direction, the table runner will have the tendancy to skew when its washed. You can work around this by blocking it.


Wow, I love the fabric print. I must resist clicking on the link. Great table runner!


That looks great! I haven't seen that colorway before. I agree, the line is so cute!


cute fabric!!!


I love this table runner!!!! I've grown tired of my winter/holiday-ish one that is still on the table. A runner like the one you've made has been on my mind for days.


It's so lovely. The print really suits we... I am sure it will be great for a nice dinner conversation.


isn't that fabric amazing. love the quilting you did too. simple and chic!


This is darling. It makes me want to make one with my food/kitchen fabric!


That looks so sweet and cheerful! I must look into this new line of fabric. :~)


so PRETTY! The colors are so good.
I am so glad you and Jon like the tuna melts...I agree, they are so GOOD. Hope you like the new tuna recipe too!=)

Üdo Ümami

you made that?! it's fabulous! <3 Üdo

katie Pedersen

I love that fabric and have been trying not to buy.

Moda makes toweling that has the sides hemmed. You buy it by the yard. The quality is great. I buy it up when I can.


bellissimo blog!!!
bellissimi colori!!!
....bellissimi lavori!....


very nice! i love the focus fabric!


This is absolutely adorable. I love the retro yellow. nicely done!

Jacqui from Mee A Bee

I love the colors! So cool!


How perfect! I love the fabric and quilting. I found you via Tall Grass Prairie Studio - I'll be back for a visit again. I hope the raffle brought in lots of money.


The table runner is great. I love the colours and the patterns of the fabric!

susan weinroth

SO incredibly cute.
and now i need that fabric!

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