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This looks amazing. I can't believe how many more stitches you have to go but damn, it looks great.


don't hate me for this comment, but there's something about this afghan that reminds me of harry potter school uniform ties.... :)

Amy @ parkcitygirl

kudos to you! That is an amazing afghan :)


it's lovely!!! and sometimes it's better to NOT count the stitches to be completed. i counted the number of triangles i would need to finish for a quilt once. it was something crazy like 12,000. i haven't worked on it much since. :)


It is coming along! I like the colors you are using. I am a huge fan of Lost! Best show ever created. We bought the 4th season the day it came out and went through it in about 4 days. I just love it. I get so excited. It definilty isn't a show I can watch on TV though because it gets too intenese for me and I can't stand having to wait though the commercials.


Amazing afgan! Looks so pretty. And that is tons of knitting to be done. But nothing like a movie to help that out with.


Oh WOW Rebekah! That looks so cool! I am impressed with the amount of work that is going into this. You definitely have an heirloom treasure in the making. I am digging the contrasty colors too.


I love tv knitting- right now my socks are so NOT tv knitting and I need to find something a bit more mindless for watching inauguration specials. I love those colors you are using.


wow, this does look like a lot of work! but it looks lovely!


Wow, you have gotten pretty far. Love it.


Just think, you only have about 60,000 stitches to go! ;)

That is an amazing afghan. What a cool design!


it's beautiful, but yikes...that's a lotta stitches!!


it's so pretty!

Rima Aranha

Amazing. Well, you just have another few zillion stitches to do :) I am kidding. I have a love-hate relationship with garter stitch. Curse it, yet cant live without it. That reminds me, I have to get back to my garter stitch baby blanket.


You are a knitting machine! I can't believe all the great stuff you've posted lately. I tried to teach myself to do a basic stitch last week. It did not go well. (This is probably for the best right now.)

nancy geaney

uh-oh- i may have to start knitting again... love that afghan.


wow! it's looking beautiful! great colors!

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