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I need to get this pattern pronto! I haven't done any cables yet and I think this would be a good place to start. I can't wait to see what other goodies you've made up.

rima aranha

This is stunning! Lovely colors and cable work.


So cute. And perfect for ipods and cell phones. Nice work.


Yay! They look WONderful! Great job!!


they look so cozy.... but do your fingertips still get cold? you make me wish i was a knitter, but i do NOT need another obsession. sigh. too bad. hey, maybe someday we could arrange a swap of some kind. needlepoint for knitting? i've been thinking about trying out a needlepoint camera strap... and of course there's lots of pillows and bag options....




Beautiful!! That yarn is one of faves.


awesome! love them! love you guys!! xox


Oooh, what a beautiful color! I see what you mean about being on a purple kick, and I can see why. Those look so warm and cozy. I really would like to be a knitter, but I need to finish my ripple blanket first. Wait, do I?


you have been doing a bunch of beautiful things!!! these are my favorite. i looked at a pair in the store the other day...i just about fell over at the price. i like yours WAY better. if you ever sell a pair of these...give me a shout!


look at you go! these are lovely, i adore the color!

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