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Wow, the one for Nadia is my favorite! It's gorgeous with the embroidery.

I really want to try embroidery. Can you recommend a beginner's book or something?

Karen Bosch

These all are so pretty! I like the embroidery too!

jacquie did such a great job on nadia' the echo embroidery.


what an amazing variety - they really are like paintings... true works of art!

Rachael Rabbit

Those fabrics are beautiful! Wonderful blocks.


Those squares turned out great! These bees are so much fun, aren't they?


I love the purple one with the embroidery. What a cute idea!


These look great! I love the embroidery a lot too- so nice.


Such pretty pieces! Those on a quilt would be so neat!


your blocks are stunning!

rima aranha

This is beautiful! Lovely work. The embroidery is so simplistic, but yet...there.


Wow! Your blocks are amazing! The embroidery is so sweet, elegant, and graceful. I really love the blocks for Amber; so bright and cheerful.

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