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A productive year! And such variety!


i still love the tea towel with the camper embroidered on it. the bobbles across the top are just too fun! (knitting and embroidery are all well and good, but don't deprive the world of your beautiful quilts....)


such a productive year! you accomplished so so much! love it!


Oh my goodness! The quilt listed on the top row, it has embroidered people boxed-in with assorted fabric, has been in my computer files under my “quilt ideas” for quit sometime. This file has assorted quilts I would like to attempt to make sometime in the future. What fun to see the quilt pop up again!

Your sure managed to accomplished a lot!


Wow! busy year! so much color too!


lots of crafty goodness...i still think yours is the best plain spoken i've ever seen. maybe i'll get to one in 2009.


So inspirational as always!! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!


You were super busy! I love the blue hat!


You have been busy! I can see what your favorite colors are from this. :)


You made a lot of great stuff! My goal is to work on those chenille blankets, so I can return your cutter to you. I feel bad for keeping it so long.


You made so much beautiful stuff! I have to take a leave from your book and tackle a few bigger projects.


I completely agree that knitting is very compatible with the whole school-work-craft lifestyle. I like to read the texts while knitting...and theorize that the 'physical' activity helps me remember more easily...who knows....but it's worked so far!


Wow,you were very productive this year! I love all the stuff you make. They are always so inspiring. Hope this year is a great one for you!


Very Nice! Loverly knitted things, beaUtiful quilts! you've had a good year!


i love your mosaic! you've had one wonderful year of making.


So pretty Rebekah! Looking forward to seeing your finished zig zag quilt!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Lots of great items there! Enjoy the year to come :)


Hi, found you today via The Long Thread. What a fun entry page - seeing all the gorgeous projects you made last year. Those quilts have to be my favorites. I can't quilt to save my life but I appreciate a project that takes such perseverance and love. Wonderful!


I would give my eye teeth (which teeth are your eye teeth exactly?) to be one third as productive as you are! So many beautiful handmade goodies. A beautiful year it was. :~)

Steph H

Oh Rebekah, is that a Lady February cardi? I'm so far past jealous and in awe of your knitting!!! I've been drooling over that pattern every day for a month and I'm too wimpy to try a sweater yet... soon, I swear!

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