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Clever Karen

You have been busy. I love the sweater - such a great pattern and color. I hope you share another view when you are finished.


Welcome back :-)
The sweater is gorgeous and congrats on the Thanksgiving dinner...I usually just make side dishes so I haven't had the stress of the turkey yet.
Can't wait to see all your projects for December :-)


I'm 98% done as well...just a final tomorrow and Tuesday. What will I do for a month...perhaps knit a sweater.... It's so nice to see you back!


your lady sweater is beautiful! do you think you could teach me to pick up knitting techniques as fast as jon has? wow! I'm still stuck on knit/purl....

Best wishes for your last 2% push!


Yay!!! So good to "see" you! You have been very busy indeed. I love the sweater so far. That is one of my all time favorite patterns, and I'm not a knitter. :~) Jon looks like he has really taken to the knitting. :~)

Ohh, I really like the napkins that you made. I'm trying to work on some coasters and napkins for holiday presents, but I am having some trouble. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. :~)

Glad you had a successful TDay. Looks scrumptious.


Oh! And I love your holiday banner. :~)


the sweater is gorgeous! it looks like you're almost done. the stuffing looks wonderful...i'm going to check out that recipe...we need something new for next year.


A month of free time sounds perfect! Enjoy it to the fullest!

I am looking forward to seeing the sweater completed. It is coming along great!


Your sweater is amazing! I love it and you really have gotten far on it. I can't wait to see it when it is done. I'm so jealous of JOn's knitting. I've tried it and just couldn't get the hang of it. Maybe I'll try again one day. I also love your napkins. I really want to make some, but they are so far down on my to make list, who knows when it will be before I get there. Yours are georgous though! Enjoy your break and I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving.


glad you're back! =) the napkins are sooo pretty and that stuffing looks scrumptious.


I love all the knitting going on at your house!


John has a natural talent for knitting. I am super impressed. And your sweater is looking great. Wonderful color choice.

Rachael Rabbit

I love the look of those hand warmers. Always impressed by a man knitting!


The sweater turned out so beautifully! Congratulations! And way to go Jon on those handwarmers!


I've been looking at the Dashing pattern... I can't believe that your husband is knitting them, so cool! My husband started a scarf for me, but it has gotten lost somewhere...

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