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Those look like such cool projects! It must have been fun.


oooh! i like the way the "full firing" made everything all melty and flat. and your mug looks lovely! thanks for posting photos. i'm so glad we got the chance to meet!


how fun to have a bloggy meet up. I still haven't had a bloggy meet up, but not for lack of trying!!!


Oh my!!!! They are so cool! I love them!

Clever Karen

I always like Cafe Habana - such a great spot! Where did you go to do all the crafts - sounds interesting?


sounds like a fun evening! your mug looks great!


lucky you! im so glad you all had a good time.

Rachael Rabbit

That just sounds like my perfect evening!


I love the glass tree - it is beautiful. I wish we had a place like that in my neck of the woods...

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