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I *heart* the office! I'm so excited for tonights episode. I also love all the stuff I can get done while I watching it. It looks like you got some great vintage sheets from the swap. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I like the quilting you did on your plain spoken quilt. I think it works perfectly.

Rachael Rabbit

I just love the knitting pattern you make your dishcloths in!!


I love the colors of your Zig Afghan!


all this good TV is making for some really good knitting time ;) i am nearly done with my granny square blanket!!!


pretty dishcloth! looking forward to seeing the afgan!


Looks like you're back in action. Love it! Can't wait to see them all up close. Have fun.


ooh, i'm lovin that plain spoken. i need to make that quilt. i think a coin quilt with the sheet fat quarters is an inspired idea.


your afghan looks so good, love the colors you're using. hope your sewing goes well :)


your quilting really looks fabulous on the plain spoken. it's hard to choose a thread color for those babies though, don't you think?

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love the quilting :) I hope you get to finish soon too!


All wonderful things you have going on here! Can't wait to see the finished products. :~)


How funny that I read this quilt today. yesterday i was walking around the house wondering why I never bought size 7 needles, so I went out to Michaels and bought some. After reading this, I realize they're in a box somewhere with an unfinished ballband washcloth...

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