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Allie in MI

That is the most beautiful Plain Spoken I've ever seen! You have a fabulous sense of color. The quilting looks amazing! Excellent job.
I have a Viking machine also, and LOVE it for quilting.


Love the colors you chose for this quilt.

Good luck with your classes. I earned my MLIS in 2004--it's a great degree.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

It's beautiful! I love the colors you used, and no one but you will notice the imperfections in your quilting :)


beautiful quilt, wonderful colors!


Wow, I love this. The quilting you did looks so wonderful. Really, you did a beautiful job.


This is gorgeous! I'm adding this to my own to do list!


I think it is beautiful!


Looks great! It makes me want to make another Plain Spoken. I am always inspired by your quilts.


that is SO pretty rebekah! beautiful!


That quilt turned out great! I love those bold colors!!! And...I wouldn't give that machine back!


Wow, that quilt is gorgeous. I love the colors you chose.


Wonderful! In the first pic, I thought it was a knitted blanket. I love the colors.


Wow, it really turned out beautiful! I can't believe you quilted the whole thing in a day (and put binding on and washed it), there's a whole lot of quilting there! Nice work!


Yay!!!! It looks amazing! Those beautiful colors will really cheer you up during the gray winter months. Yay for crossing projects off of lists! I really ought to try that. :~)

Jane Weston

That is stunning...the colours are fab and the quilting is a nice change to the usual meandering. It's very fresh and modern looking..Well done!


Absolutely gorgeous! and the quilting looks great! so nice and wrinkly!


Great quilt and quilting!! Fabulous colours!


It is gorgeous! I am inspired to work with solids now. I have some that have been residing in my stash for a number of years. I think their time has come!


I love your Plain Spoken quilt! Beautiful colors! I can't believe how much I enjoyed making this pattern in a baby quilt size. I think I may need to make another one that's bigger and this time I will keep it!


I just love this quilt. I had wanted to try that pattern for quilting on top for my last project but I was too nervous - I wanted to try it on something smaller first. Now I can see that it works great for a larger scale quilt.

Anyway, it looks great! Thank you for sharing.


LOVE, love, love Color! This is just beautiful!


Love this quilt! So vibrant - great color choices.


oh. my. goodness.


you did a FABULOUS job.


oh, and that quilting takes a LOT of thread, doesn't it?


totally did a wonderful job on the quilting!


It turned out amazing! I love the quilting you did on it. And the soup on the previous post looks yummy, I'll have to give it a try.


This quilt is so amazing, I can't stop looking at it.


beautiful quilt! i like seeing all the ones you make.


You seriously did a fantastic job! The colours really draw me in.


Ohhhhhh, such puckery goodness! I love how it turned out!!!!


Hi. i think this is beautiful! Did you do the swirly quilting on your regular sewing machine? What is the propper term for this...the top stitching? Can you take a quilt to a shop and have this done? What would you expect to pay for on a toddler quilt? Pondering and Curious about this for along time...Corrie


Wow, that looks great! I think your quilting looks FABULOUS.


WOW! Stunning. Absolutely stunning. You did a great job with the quilting. I heard the husband of the Modern Quilt workshop duo give a lecture a few weeks ago and was awed by that quilting design.


Beautiful! The colors are fantastic and the quilting looks great!

Lee-Anne Gilbert

this is one of the nicest quilts i've seen... really!! i love it... well done!! Lx


It is beautiful!


Absolutely stunning!


Just spectacular. I came across your blog and this post in particular while searching for opinions about the Viking Sapphire 830. Can you offer any further thoughts on your experience with your mother's machine or can you pass along what she thinks of the machine? I'm stuck in my decision making process and would really appreciate any input you could give me. Thanks so much.


I LOVE THIS! what a stikingly gorgeous work of art!


I found a link to this quilt from Pink Chalk Studio and I really like the colors in this quilt! It looks great!


Love this!!!! So gorgeous.


I love your quilt, its so cheerful and timeless. The quilting is great, would love to try it out myself. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!


Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I need one immediately. This quilt is just stunning.


That is absolutely delightful. Thank you for the inspiration, and congratulations on completing such a wonderful piece of art.


Your color selection is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. and the quilting adds greatly to the texture of the piece. Just great.


Followed a link from Handmade by Alissa -- wow, this is an amazing quilt! I have a hard time getting comfortable with solids, this is SO inspiring. Fabulous work!


lovely, so brave to use just colour no pattern.

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