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Oh, I love the pictures of Jon and his knitting companions!


good for john! and i simply love the fact that your cats are so friendly. i wish mine came and sat on my lap!!


Those are such great pictures. I love your two little helpers.


That's awesome! He sounds like a natural. You do realize you are going to have to share your stash now. I found that out when I taught my daughter to knit.

Clever Karen

Awww, the pictures of the cats looking on are just the cutest!


good for Jon for picking up knitting so quickly! learning to knit was hard for me. but I'm glad I stuck with it.


Awesome! I wish I could say that i caught on that quickly, but I can only say that I tried and then quit. Knitting did not prove to be my friend. :(

Cat would make knitting a challenge! ;)


That's so cool! My hubby saw someone spinning on a wheel and he said he might like to try that.


One of my favorite things about knitting is the relationships it builds and the fun times you get to spend with other people...especially when they have natural talent!


good for him...i sure wish you were close by to teach me.


your kitties look soo friendly! i miss mine...

Jane Weston

Great pictures...I'd love to hear if you found any good tips on speed DD1 (Rebekah) is learning to knit and finds it pretty slow going.


We have 5 cats, all of whom are especially annoying when I'm crocheting because I tend to whip the yarn around and they just can't stand it - they have to join the fun. The worst is when you're all comfy, situated with your yarn and your project and your scissors close by, and a cat bats the skein off the couch across the room, under a table. Even worse when you get it back and it's still damp with bad-breath cat slobber. Gross.

And your husband looking for the speed techniques cracked me up.


I love how focused he is in these pictures. How sweet that you can share something like that with him. It's been about two years since we've had cats, but seeing yours reminds me of the little ways that they would keep me company before I had kids. Cute!

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