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Me? A Mom?

This is fantastic. No, really. It's FANTASTIC.

I'd be terrified to try it myself - especially with red thread on white and black. You are very brave!


This is lovely, really beautiful quilting. I am so impressed with all that you are getting done lately!


It looks amazing!


Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

Just laid out it's nice, but not stellar - but on the bed? Oh wow.

Truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!


love the polka dot binding.

the block layout is smart. I need to start formulating a plan for my month.

Clever Karen

Aww, the kitties are under the quilt on the last picture??? I missed that when I saw this in Flickr - too cute!


it's so beautiful! i'm enjoying seeing your finished quilts.


your quilt turned out so great! nice job!!! I bet it feels good to finish 2 quilts back to back. woo-hoo!


Are those the kitties under the quilt? My cats do that everytime I make the bed. I love this quilt and the quilting you did on it. Congrats on another fantastic quilt. It is really inspiring.


Wow! Your quilt looks great! You make me want to finish up some projects...


soo soo pretty!! i love your guest room, and that quilt looks great in there!


De-lurking to say that your quilt looks beautiful, and even more so when seen on that cool black bed! Great job!


I love it, I love it, I love it! I love the squares contrasting with the white fabric and all your loop-de-doops!


i'm glad i came to see it again. i love the loopy quilting. i may try some samples to see if i can do that. it's fabulous. i love the red thread too!


Your quilt turned out so nice. I really like the loop quilting; I need to give this a try sometime.


awe!some!!!!love it!!!!


this one looks great too! You are so productive!


It turned out great, Rebekah! I love the quilting that you did, from a distance it looks like handwriting. It looks perfect on the bed. Great job! :~)

jessica seck marquis

i particularly enjoyed the photo with the adorable cat. :)


Wow I love the framed pictures of Japan (?) can I move in?

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