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A friend of mine was telling me about a heroine much like this who assumed the body language of the people that she was investigating to solve the crime. I wonder if Maisie Dobbs was whom she was referring to. At any rate, I will be looking for these at my local library. I loved reading all of my mother's Nancy Drew books when I was a child, and I love a good mystery, but I too am turned off by the mysteries that use gore, violence and gratuitous sex as page turners.
Thanks for sharing!


I wondered what you were studying. I was a BIG Nancy Drew fan and have many of the books. Also read the Bobbsey Twins too!


these books look like something i would really enjoy! thanks for the recommendation! and i look forward to many more.


where do you go to school? i'm going to apply to library science programs this year, and am still reading up on them...

also, i love that type of book, although lately i've branched off into series like grace harlowe. the writing is even more indicative of the period in which they were written than old nancy drews are. funny stuff!

(oh - and randomly stumbled upon your blog a while ago and love the sewing!)


woot! Thanks for the recommendation - I've ordered the first in the series!


I loved Nancy Drew when I was little. I'll have to give these a try. Thanks for the recommendation.


ooh! You just gave me an idea for my husband for xmas. He loves books like this! thanks!


I gotta say that I'm in love with the cover art on these books. hehe

They also sound like great reads.

But I seriously want to frame them.


I love the Maisie Dobbs series, but have not read the latest one. I'm a mystery fan, love the post WWI setting, and like well-developed characters. Winspear manages to have Maisie grow throughout the series, too. Need to get An Incomplete Revenge, so I can be prepared for the 2009 offering!


these look fab...i'm an agatha christie fan..i'm going to see if i can get ahold of these.


I got book number one from the library on Saturday! I look forward to cracking it open tonight.


Library school, eh? Hum....

I've been meaning to give this series a try :)


I'm going to have to put a couple of these books on hold right now!


Okay, you've sold me! I LOVED Nancy Drew, and even liked The Hardy Boys. So from your description, I think I'll like these. *sigh* Just what I need, more books.

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