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love that pistachio green yarn.


pretty yarns, looking forward to what you wil make with them! your kitties are so cute!! i really miss mine.:( and your flowers are gorgeous!


Yay for knitting season! Or that's what I'm calling it. :) I can't wait to get the yarn I need to knit the February Lady Sweater too. What is it about that sweater that makes it so popular? I love it. That hat looks really awesome too.

Jane Weston

Beautiful the cats!


great photo of the kitties and I looove your flowers! happy knitting!


i love that share of green! so beautiful!
and i adore jared's stuff! so beautiful...


I love the Grace yarn. I used a leftover white skein of it for the kool-aid dying.

The Mission Falls wool is very soft. I use to make baby hats with it.


looking forward to seeing your projects - that grace yarn looks so yummy.


Wow, what a fun post. So many great pictures and great things happening. I love your kitties. I love the plain orange one (Sorry I don't know his name) with his cubby cheeks and big eyes. Orange cats are my favs. And I love your flowers, they are so pretty. I love fresh flowers in the house. I am also super excited for that sweater! What great colors and what a beautiful pattern. I can't wait to see it when you are done. I love the hat too. What fantastic yarn, seriously! And your stripe blanket is coming along nicely. So inspiring. You have definitly been busy.


Love your green yarn! For some reason, I seem to be really into green lately. Without even noticing it, I've purchased yarn in 4 different shades of green.


That sweater makes me wish that i was a knitter. Can't wait to see yours!

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