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heeeyyyyy ... no boys allowed??!! :(


Very Cute!


I love that cake pan!


I love the block!!


Love that cake, I need to get one of those pans. The block is so cute, I love the treehouse.


such a cute cake! love the curls on the frosting...
and yeah, the twilight saga totally sucked me in too!


Happy Birthday to Jon, that cake looks delish! I love your treehouse block. Super cute. The curtains are fantastic!


That looks like a yummy cake. I really wanted to make my mother a cake for her birthday after seeing so many yummy homemade ones in blogland, but alas she asked for an icecream sundae...and I could handle that one!


happy birthday to jon!


I lost entire days reading the Twilight saga as well. I put The Host on hold and am currently waiting patiently for others to finish it so that I can have my turn. I'm looking forward to reading the book that Meyer wrote for the adult audience.

Also, the cupcake cake pan is great. I might try to get one of myself.

Hope LIS is going well!


ha, I meant I wanted a cake pan FOR myself not OF myself. I don't want to bake a cake that looks like me :)


sounds like a fun birthday! and that cake is so cute rebekah! that quilt block is so cute!


Awwww, what a cute cupcake cake! I love the way the sprinkles are scattered on top and falling into the plate. Happy Birthday to Jon!
Wow, that block is fantastic! I am really looking forward to seeing everyones quilts from Common Threads. The fabric that you used for the curtains is so sweet!

Amy Hodge

That cake looks so delicious. I would love to make cakes and learn how to decorate them, but then I would have to eat it all (though I'm sure my husband would help!). And the tree house is awfully darn cute.


Happy Belated Birthday to Jon!

I love the treehouse block. Very fun take on the idea. I love the little curtains and that tree fabric works peerfectly too!

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