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Whitney Crane



Funny, this weekend I had taken a few hummingbird pictures as well! Your photo turned out really well.


beautiful color combos! here's my conundrum each time--which do you pick first? the embroidery/needlepoint yarn/thread OR the fabric that will make it a completed pillow/towel/whatever? usually, i'm a thread-first, all-caution-to-the-wind kind of girl, but this last time, i picked fabric first. we'll see how that goes.


Very pretty. I like the colors you used.


that tea towel is very pretty. the colors are so bright. sounds like you had a great time!


That sounds like a great, relaxing weekend! I love that tea towel, if only my embroidery was worth showing to others--I need a little more practice time!


such a happy embroidery piece!
and i just love that shot of the hummingbird - great bokeh!


What adorable embroidery! The more pictures of these I see the more I want to buy some of these. But how well do they hold up in the regular laundry? Maybe it's sacrilegious to talk about using embroidered towels, but I'm not much into things that just sit around! At any rate, the colors are great. I love the blue you chose for the birds!


I'd love to get to see real hummingbirds. They are just the stuff of documentaries here. The embroidery looks beautiful, and the love birds are definitely darling.


your embroidery is wonderful! such pretty colors you chose.

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